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From time to time participants have written about their experiences in the Making Moves Newsletter. Here is a selection of articles from participants, each an inspiring story, to uplift you.


Building Confidence

How a shy woman turned her dream of directing her own film into a reality, and what she did to over come her shyness and build her confidence so she could take on such a big task.

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i say no

Overcoming abuse and betrayal

How one woman reclaimed her voice and found her freedom to speak up after years of suffering from a history of abuse which had made her a target for abuse from employers, relationships, and members of the medical and legal profession.

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Being a star 

Want to be an actress, performer or movie star? Inspiring story of a woman’s discovery that her craving to be an actress was a secret longing to be a “star” in her own life.

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Hindu Demon - RahuExpressing emotions – “I want to be bad”

Story of  woman who discovered the freedom to be bad without being bad through acting out a character from an ancient Hindu myth – and in doing so found the freedom to be herself and to become totally authentic.

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Developing leadership skills

One man’s story of developing leadership skills through his participation in a Making Moves Group, discovering how to release the destructive power of anger into creativity.

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Ligue_d'improvisation_montréalaiseGetting back confidence  – overcoming drama school trauma

Inspiring story of how a drama school student overcame her drama school trauma and got back her confidence, self esteem through an unique performance course

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Scared Child - Night timeBreaking free of being “too good”

How one woman after being too good most of her life 
overcame her repression, broke free of her trauma and discovered that life can be beautiful.

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wombtwinA Womb Twin Survivor heals the past

Althea Hayton, womb twin survivor ‘s, moving account of how she healed her relationship with her lost womb-twin which lead to her discovering her life work: creating the Womb Twin Survivor organisation.

Althea sadly died in 2014.

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From: Claire Schrader


Hi there
Welcome to Making Moves particularly if you've been struggling with confidence.
I've been there myself, so I do understand.

If you want to get started as soon as possible, the the Express Yourself Workshop (next on 18th Nov) is a great place to come out of your shell with a very supportive group of people - you will be amazed at what you can achieve in just one day. 

I will be running another Introductory Evening on 11th December and again on 9th January - a great way to get a taste of what to expect before joining one of my courses.

If difficult life experiences are undermining your confidence, Breakthrough Plus is a 2-weekend course that will enable you to transform those experiences is coming up soon starting November 3-4th. I have a couple of places left.

The Breakthrough Group is the first step for many people - particularly if you feel shy, self-conscious or experience social anxiety I've seen some miraculous transformations in my 20 years of running this group.
Courses next start Tues 15th Jan @ 7.45pm and Wed 23rd Jan @5.30pm

If speaking up in groups, being heard, or any public speaking is your challenge, then the  Finding Your Voice course is a good place to start if anxiety and nerves are the issue. I've had people with very severe symptoms including panic attacks, overcome these issues with relative ease.

Courses start Thurs17th Jan @ 7.45pm and Tues 22nd Jan (TBC)@5.30pm

"I don't know what to say" improvisation for social confidence is great for people with average confidence who experience some form of social anxiety or awkwardness but find themselves stumped with knowing what to say. Working through improvisation and will transform your verbal confidence and social skills.

Starts Wed 16th Jan @ 7.45pm.

You can book online for all my courses and events.

Book a telephone appointment with me or get in touch by email if you're not sure which course is right for you.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best, Claire