Interviews with Claire Schrader

TV/Radio Interviews

“How to stop shyness from ruining your life” SKY TV
Chrissy B of the Chrissy B Show (Sky TV) interviews Claire Schrader and 2 Making Moves clients on a programme entitled “How to stop shyness from ruining your life”

Why am I shy

Featured on BBC World Service programme “Why am I shy?”

Interview for Sat 7  Pars –  a middle-eastern  TV Channel, Insiders Season 4 – Episode 17- 14 Jan 2020
“Self Confidence Among Women”.  See the interview with Claire Schrader at 29mins and 45 mins.

Body Confidence – Love Talk Show – Sky TV

Interview with the Love Talk Show (Sky TV) on Body Confidence.

Online/published interviews

Interview with John Grant on Thrive Global (Medium), author of 6 books on brands, innovation, sustainability, new frontiers

From Wallflower To Sunflower – An interview with dramatherapist Claire Schrader on a new book that aims to empower “quiet people.”

Interview with Marie-Claire (Malaysia) February 16, 2017

Confidence-Boosting Moves

Marie-Claire asks: Is there a reason as to why some women are not as confident as others?

 Interview with Angelique Tsang

angelique-tsangAngelique Tsang, life coach and director of New Life Tasters interviews Claire Schrader.

How would you work with “Cinderella” if she was walk into one of your courses.

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