Introductory Confidence Building Training Workshop

Train to deliver confidence courses

Prepare for joining the Sunflower Effect Foundation Course Leader Training starting in the Spring of 2021 (subject to government restrictions) or as a stand-alone CPD training for therapeutic professionals to support what you are currently offering your clients.

In this training, you will learn  the core principles of the Sunflower Effect Confidence Building System (based in dramatherapy), and how to deliver an ‘Introductory Confidence Building Session.’

This is a powerful way of introducing quiet, shy and socially anxious clients to this highly effective way of building confidence through drama.

What is the Sunflower Effect?

A pioneering new confidence-building system based in dramatherapy that is specifically designed to improve the lifestyle and prospects of quiet, shy and socially anxious people.

It is different from most confidence-building and therapy techniques such as assertiveness training, CBT, and talking therapy because it achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly.

And more than anything else, it is fun and it works, which is what makes it so popular with participants.

This training is being offered in response to a growing demand for the courses in different parts of the UK, Europe and internationally. It’s part of a wider initiative called the Sunflower Project which aims to train talented professionals to run the Sunflower Effect Courses in major cities across the UK.

The Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses have been featured on Sky TV, BBC World Services, Sat 7 TV, Marie Claire.

Why learn about ‘Introductory Evenings/Sessions’?

Participants attend an ‘Introductory Evening’ because it gives them a taste of what to expect from the 12-week Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses.  It is designed specifically for quiet, shy, self-conscious, socially anxious people who feel nervous about joining one of the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses, but want to get a feel of the approach before they commit to the course.

The session is designed to help them to naturally break down some of their barriers and inhibitions and will enable them to take that first step to building their confidence.

Often participants have money challenges or don’t want to invest time in participating in another course/group that’s not going to work.

Some have already made up their mind that they want to join a confidence course – but just want that extra assurance that it will work for them.

Many participants  will come to you feeling:

  • Nervous and anxious about attending the session.
  • Extremely shy and self-conscious. At the same time, they really do want to do something about their confidence levels.
  • Paralysed with fear – and acutely ashamed that they have to reach out for help for their problems.

This places a lot of pressure on the leader to run a session that meets the needs of a variety of different attendees. The right balance between challenge and safety is needed, ensuring there is trust in the leader’s abilities to provide the support that each participant needs.

As a leader, you are effectively being auditioned by the participants who will decide at the end of the session whether or not they are attracted to working with you.

You also may be extremely nervous yourself about delivering the event, particularly if you’re not experienced or confident working with groups.

It is therefore important that the session is delivered in a way that will enable your participants to make that next step – and take the plunge to join one of your future offerings, whether it’s offering one of the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses privately or to your existing clients

I offer Introductory Evenings on a regular basis to my potential participants. Between half to two-thirds of participants go on to join one of my courses after attending.

What you will learn:

  • The deep understanding and skills you need to work with quiet, shy, socially anxious and self-conscious people.
  • A step by step guide to run the Introductory Evening/Session.
  • How to work safely and supportively with the adapted form of drama (based in dramatherapy) used in the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses.
  • How to provide a safe system through which people can liberate themselves from their inner restrictions through self-expression and creativity.
  • How to avoid the pitfalls and potential dangers of working with drama that the unaware can fall into.
  • How to deal with your own anxiety when running the session.

Please note: The Training Workshop is highly recommended for joining the Sunflower Effect Foundation Course Leader Training, but does not commit you to the full 6-month course if you decide it’s not for you. It is the start of your training experience if you go on to join the course, and includes training in running an Introductory Evening. Download an Information Pack to learn more about the Foundation Course.

Why should you attend the Introductory Training Workshop?

  • You are looking for a rewarding career helping to transform the lives of others that will, in time, enable you to build a successful practice running the courses.
  • You are a drama professional (arts therapist, performer, teacher) who is looking for a new direction. Or you have a professional interest in the power of drama to change lives.
  • You are inspired by the Sunflower Effect Confidences Course and know already you would like to train to join my team of Sunflower Effect Confidence Specialists delivering the courses in different parts of the UK
  • You’re curious about the Foundation Training but not sure yet if you want to commit to the full training.
  • You are a therapist, coach, counsellor and would like to learn more about the Sunflower Effect and how it can benefit your clients.
  • Interested in learning how to offer confidence-building sessions within your organisation.

This workshop is the start of your training process towards completing the 6-month Foundation Course to become a Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader

Find out more


In this free online Q&A session,  you will hear more about the Foundation Course Leader Training and the Introductory Training Workshop. I will be talking about all the ways in which I will be supporting you to build a successful practice running the Sunflower Effect Course.

The session will be between 60 and 90 minutes. If you’re not able to attend do sign up for the session and I will send you the recording. If you are unable to join the session, please send me your questions.

Dates: Wednesday, 14th April 2021
Times: 7- 8.30pm approx
Venue: Online through Zoom
Cost: Free

SIGN up for the April Online Q&A Session

If you are unable to attend,  please get in touch below to register your interest in the training. But I do suggest that you attend the Introductory Training Workshop if you hope to join the Training in 2021.

Download an Information Pack for dates  and more information about the Foundation Course

Book the Introductory Sunflower Effect Training Workshop

Due to lockdown, I have postponed the training till May 2021.

Dates: May 22nd-23rd 2021 
Times: 10-30-5.30pm approx
Venue: Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9NS
Tube: Kings Cross / Russell Square / Euston
Cost: £200

Book for the Introductory Training Workshop

This will have an impact on the start date of the Foundation Training. Because of the uncertainty of when I will be able to run the first training weekend. Please check with me for the most up to date Foundation Training dates.

In order to protect all participants from COVID 19, we will be practising social distancing and recommend the wearing of face coverings during expressive activities.

See my terms and conditions and data protection/privacy policy

More about Claire Schrader

Claire Schrader

I started out in life as a shy introvert and proverbial wallflower.  That is until I found a way at age 22, to break out of my shell, through the power of drama.

It changed my life, and I have never looked back.

I write about my journey in my book, From Wallflower to Sunflower, the quiet person’s guide to natural confidence.

In the last 8 years, I diversified into confidence-building and developed the Sunflower Effect which resulted in me  tripling my income and client base.

As well as founding Making Moves over 20 years ago, I’m an author, self-confidence specialist and dramatherapist. I’m a member of the British Association for Drama Therapists (BADth) am registered as an Arts Therapist with the HCPC.

I have been featured in Marie-Claire (Malaysia),  Kindred Spirit, Positive Health, and Counselling News, on Sky TV, BBC World Services and Radio 4.

I also edited Ritual Theatre, The Power of Dramatic Ritual in Personal Development Groups and Clinical Practice published by Jessica Kingsley.

More recently I contributed the chapter “Breaking Through the Walls of Shyness:  Overcoming Shyness, Self-Consciousness and Social Anxiety Through Dramatherapy” to the Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy.

Training Enquiry

  • If you are interested in training in this approach please tell me as much as you can about yourself and what skills/aptitudes you have and where and how you see yourself practicicing.
    Please confirm that you will honour the confidentiality of participants on the call. I cannot send you the recording unless you agree to this.