Mega ME Advanced Confidence Workshop

advanced confidence workshopLook out for the next Mega ME

mega-me-expression advanced confidence workshopMEGA ME is an annual workshop – designed to enable you to stretch in even bigger ways – with massive support to achieve your goals.  Huge fun with a great bunch of people – who have all participated in my previous courses.

Mega ME –  Born FREE
I have no plans currently to run another Mega ME. However, the theme that’s occurring to me at the moment for the next Mega ME is “BORN FREE”….. We are of course all born free but as we go through life we gathering all kinds of reasons not to feel free.

Ghandi says:  “Freedom is not worth having unless if it doesn’t include the freedom to make mistakes.”

Anyone who has done the “I Don’t Knows What to Say” Improvisation Course knows how liberating this is. So the next Mega ME will be an opportunity to free yourself at a fundamental level. with lots of fun, freeing exercises.

We prefer you to have participated in one of my other courses or workshops. See the calendar for dates and further information.

Date:  To be announced  Times: 10.30-5.30pm
Venue:  Clean Break – if I can get it Tube: Kentish Town

Mega ME 2016 – Life as a Daring Adventure
November 19-20th 2016

Want to stretch out of your comfort zone way beyond your normal limits… overcome performance nerves… because you know how fulfilling and empowering that can be?

to-the-lesson-this-is-favorite-quotes-about-adventures-favorite-quotes-about-lifeThe theme for the 2016 Mega ME is life as a daring adventure.

It is a quote by Helen Keller, the blind, deaf, dumb woman who from her inside world, understood more about the true nature of life than most people with all their senses intact. 

What she is saying is that we either choose to live life fully or we don’t really live. We are either expanding and living our potential or we are living a life that is “nothing”.

I run Mega Me with my partner Dick, and in this weekend we will offering a multitude of ways to awaken the potential that lives in you to live your life as a daring adventure.

Often the reason you are unable to connect with this energy is because of repression of this vital force within you or because you’ve learned to live in fear, too afraid to stick your neck out in case it gets shot off.

This is weekend to release these vital forces and to move beyond fear and in so doing, awaken the inner magic that lies dormant within you – the magic of being fully alive so that you can follow your deepest calling and live your life as an exciting adventure or at least move to the next staging post.

What is Mega ME?

Mega ME is an annual advanced confidence workshop and Ultimate Breakthrough Extravaganza. Designed as the ultimate stretch event for people who have participated in previous Making Moves courses and want to go to the next level of expansion, confidence, self expression, charisma, breakthrough and personal power – on top of having great fun.

Mega ME is about being…The BIGGER you.

The YOU that got lost long ago or you never believed you could be….. Be it! Live it! Celebrate it!… so you will never forget it!

MEGA ME is a FUN performance based weekend event that will support you to move through all that stands in your way to being that you! The MEGA YOU!!!

Mega ME participants moving beyond limitations

What you could get out of Mega ME:

    • Stretch out of your comfort zone
    • Express Yourself without worrying about what other people are thinking of you
    • Break through your FEAR BARRIER but still within the safe container of a Making Moves Event.
    • Develop presentation/performing skills – and get more confident speaking in front of groups.
    • Develop charisma and personal power – and start occupying a bigger space within yourself
    • Raise self esteem and belief in self – “I can do anything”
    • Excitement – discover the huge amount of energy that can be released in you to achieve your goals effortlessly and easily
    • Practice skills you learned in groups in a more challenging environment – can you stay in touch with your intuitive instincts when under pressure.
    • An opportunity to experience working under pressure, and develop your skills in overcoming performance nerves/terror
    • Incredible support from other people which will empower you to take risks at the event and in your outside life
    • What will you achieve in your life as a result of participating? Meet challenges – start living in a bigger way
mega-me- advanced confidence workshop
Mega ME participant

If you’ve been to a previous Mega ME you know you can be sure of a very safe place to let yourself go and a multitude of opportunities to stretch in a supportive group.

What people say about Mega ME

I signed up for the mega-me weekend workshop for several reasons:  to deal with my social anxiety on a “gut level” in a safe environment, to get out of my head more and into my body, to have fun with a good group of people, and to help uncover a more authentic and relaxed self. The workshop greatly exceeded my expectations in all these areas. I was able to experience very real fear and social anxiety and push through it and use that energy to interact with myself and others in very affirming ways.  The other workshop participants were fully engaged, committed, non-judgmental, and supportive, which made for a very fun, rewarding and meaningful experience. I got more in touch with my underlying authentic self, which released a reservoir of energy I didn’t know I had.

The effects after the workshop (which took place about three weeks ago) have also been noticeable and positive (except for a few unsettling days immediately afterward).  I find I’m more present, aware, vibrant, open, energized and alive throughout the day. I feel more comfortable and relaxed in social situations. I’ve met and interacted with many more people than I typically did prior to the workshop and taken more social risks and am less fearful.  The workshop seemed to set in place a positive spiral of social engagement and affirmation with the real world that I hope continues. Claire and Dick were wonderful workshop leaders. They helped create a safe, affirming and fun environment, were enthusiastically engaged, and obviously put a lot of time into structuring the weekend to allow us to develop a steady progression of  skills that culminated in two exercises that I felt really allowed me to experience my authentic self in a way I don’t ever remember experiencing it before.
Michael Mullen, visiting from California

For the second time I took part in Claire’s transformative Mega Me workshop. Like the first one, it was a very powerful and liberating experience. In fact I would say that out of all the courses I have taken so far, Mega Me, Breakthrough Plus and Breakthrough to Performance have been the most transformative. The others courses pre-paved the journey to these breakthroughs. What stood out for me this time around was my solo Mega Me performance where I faced a level of fear that I’ve been too terrified to face before. When my time came to stand on stage the whole of my right side began to tremble whilst being witnessed by the other participants. Instead of shutting down I remained open and fully present hence the intensity of the shaking. In hindsight I now recognize that this was far more challenging than being on stage performing an act or giving a speech which in some ways brings a protection, a mask. I shall bare that in mind when I next have to face this reality. Although unplanned, my Mega ME was to be totally naked, with no props to help me, other than Being. I discovered in that moment there was nothing to do, nothing was expected of me other than standing on stage naked, and where I simply dropped into full presence. If you could have seen me back in April 2013 when I started Claire’s classes you would not have believed that you were witnessing the same person on my last Mega Me solo show.
Marianne, Oxford

I thought the workshop was great – (even though I only did half ) but was a great atmosphere” to fall” into and I felt everyone was very open to “ the flow” and very generous.  I really liked the way some of the work was quite different to Making Moves usual format (as am an old stager from the early days !!!! ) I am referring to some of the work done by Dick (around “ presence and connectedness”) which really complimented the work around archetypes. The place was atmospheric – which I think helped and on reflection even the babble from next door was all part of the chaos! I did find that at some point during the day a real need to be creative again ! ( have not felt this for a few years and wondered if I had “lost it “ – really made me want to paint and create and work with colours and textures. And as ever thanks to Claire for providing the backcloth for  a great experience !!!
Gillian Scully, London

I went to Mega Me with an open mind. I myself help people with their confidence issues, come from a drama teaching background and was curious to see further how drama could help with expressing ourselves and unlock people’s confidence. There were 10 of us, all but a few had worked with Claire, She and her partner Dick were leading the workshop. We started with an emotionally charged exercise and all introduce ourselves and set our intentions for the week end. Then through a series of games and pure physical play, we set ourselves to “play the fool” and release our inner anxieties about being human beings. The week end was full on and we were all given the opportunity to try and to share and this created laughter, at times mini break downs and a lot of support from all the participants. I felt physically and mentally fully engaged throughout. What I did not anticipate is the buzz it gave me and the creativity which came out of it, within several days and weeks after the workshop. We had a platform to be ourselves to play and explore and for that, I thank you, Claire and Dick too for the time with you.
Helene Musso, Public Speaking Coach, helenemusso.com

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mega ME advanced confidence workshop
Facing your fears


Lead by Claire Schrader who started out in life as a regular wall flower and has developed a really fast way for inhibited people to break out of their shell and discover the power and magic that lives within them. More about Claire.

She will be assisted by her partner Dick who is a gifted Improv Comedy  teacher.


DATE:  19th-20th November 2016
TIMES: 10.30am-5.30pm
COST:  £175
LOCATION: Clean Break, 2 Patshull Road, London NW5 2LB
TUBES: Kentish Town

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Terms and Conditions

How to find Clean Break

What will it involve?

Mega ME is a  two day event to enable you to break through your fears and where you are holding yourself back.

Each Mega ME event will involve some skills development training so you can meet your challenges more effectively, and operate in a more inspired way in all areas of communication.

The event will provide challenges in performance and self expression – and you will receive massive support to achieve your goals and biggest challenges.

If you’ve been to a previous Making Moves events, you will know that you can be sure of a safe environment with a great bunch of people who you can really trust and will support you to break through your fear barrier – and if you get stuck will help you to “enjoy your stuckness” – the fastest way to dissolve blockages to self expression.

Taking Bigger Risks

However this will be a more confrontational setting than in other groups and courses – and will challenge you to take bigger risks and build on what you have achieved previously.

As humans we have a tendency to slip back into old behaviours – so this will be a chance to move past these limitations into the BIGGER YOU. In short to be Mega ME!

At the end of the event you will participate in the Mega ME Challenge – and do something you never thought you could do – and revel in the joy of achieving what you thought was previously impossible.

This event will not involve a lot of navel-gazing and what’s not working for you – but an opportunity to look at what you’re doing right – and to build on that.

Mega ME Advanced Confidence Workshop Questions

What exactly will we be doing?
If I told you exactly what we’d be doing, it would take the element of surprise and achievement away? This is more of a theatre based event with lots of opportunities to up “on stage” – and to stretch in areas of performance. I will be running this workshop with my partner who is a skilled Improv Comedy teacher – because this is a really great way of liberating self expression – on top of being great fun. He’s an excellent facilitator and will quickly have you doing things you didn’t think you could. He is also very skilled at creating a very safe environment in which you can take risks – whilst at the same offering those with some Improv experience to go to that extra edge. Dick and I will also be on hand in case you need some extra support and as with any of my other events.

playingthe fool
Dick assisting Claire on the Playing the Fool Workshop

When I read about this event, I start feeling scared?
This is exactly why you should come! Your fear is telling you that this event is calling deeply to you. As Steven Pressfield says “Fear tells us what we have to have to do. Therefore the more fear we feel about a specific enterprise, the more certain we can be that that enterprise is important to us and to the growth of our soul.”

What is happening is that Mega ME is triggering your primitive fight/flight response? In this situation there’s no need to either fight or run away – because you’re not facing a wild animal who could eat you – and running away will only leave feeling that you’ve let yourself down.

Can I suggest hit the booking button straight away – once you are committed as the famous quote goes “that the moment one definitely commits oneself, the providence moves too. A whole stream of events issues from the decision, raising in one’s favor all manner of unforeseen incidents, meetings and material assistance, which no man could have dreamt would have come his way. Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”W. H. Murray in The Scottish Himalaya Expedition, 1951

Is it going to be full of BIG egos?
No. My events don’t attract BIG EGO’S. They tend to go elsewhere. Just a great bunch of people who want to expand and grow – and want to be authentic in their self expression. It’s about being the BIG YOU, an expanded you – a YOU THAT YOU KNOW YOU CAN BE. Mega ME will be giving you an opportunity to step into that you?

Will I miss out if I can only come for one day?
Yes… because obviously if you come for both days you will get more value than if you come for one day. However it is better to do one day of Mega ME than not at all! Please contact us if you wish to do one day.

 Want to do the next Mega ME or have a question about the workshop?

Tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking to achieve and we’ll be in touch. Please send your phone number so we can make contact with you.

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