Opportunity for Regional Dramatherapists: join my team of confidence specialists

This video was created for the first Course Leader Training – but much still applies

Are you looking to expand your work or find a new direction?

Do you want to create an extra income stream that, in time, could grow into a full-time practice?

You may also be a playtherapist, dance/movement therapist, occupational therapist or working in a related field.

Have you had enough of poor pay and working conditions, working in institutional settings?

Maybe you’ve had a yearning to set up a private practice but have been nervous about taking the plunge?

Or perhaps you’ve set up a practice but found it just too hard to attract clients to your work?

Would you love to…

… be part of a team of professionals doing highly rewarding work transforming the lives of quieter people – and over time building a successful practice?

Click here if you’re not an arts therapist.

The Sunflower Effect Courses

My name is Claire Schrader and I have developed the Sunflower Effect, a pioneering confidence system based in dramatherapy. It all started in 1997, 18 months after qualifying as a dramatherapist.

Over time I have built a highly successful practice for myself, earning far more than I would have done working in institutions or as a freelancer. Scroll down to more information about me and my background.

On top of this, it has been the reward of seeing the power and effectiveness of dramatherapy in changing lives.

The Sunflower Effect Courses are recognised and validated by participants reporting life-changing results after completing the courses. They outstrip the results of other confidence-building approaches by a long way.

I can teach you how to achieve the same, without all the heartache and expensive mistakes that I went through.

There is a growing demand for the courses in different parts of the UK, Europe and internationally.

The Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses have been featured on Sky TV  “How to stop shyness from ruining your life”, BBC World Services  “Why am I shy?”, Sat 7 TV, Marie Claire (Malaysia)Hold your Head Up High”.

The Sunflower Project

At 68 and after 2 major operations in the last few years, it is time for me to hand on my expertise and the running of the courses to others. So I am seeking those who feel inspired to join me in my vision to make the Sunflower Effect® and dramatherapy more available to people nationwide.

I launched the first Foundation Training in 2021, 6 weekends and 10 online sessions. And the second training will be starting in September 2024.

The Foundation Training is the first stage in a longer modular training process with the option to train to deliver the full range of the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses.

This is part of a wider initiative called the Sunflower Project to make the Sunflower Effect Courses available nationally, internationally and especially in developing countries.

The Foundation Training will enable you to start delivering the Sunflower Effect Courses in your location or setting directly after you have completed the training (depending on your previous training/experience).

Please watch the video above (which was recorded for the first Foundation Training in 2021.) Then read this whole page and take a look around this website so you can get more of a sense of what I am offering and see if it feels like the right opportunity for you.

I am especially seeking regional dramatherapists in cities and large towns outside London as there is where the best opportunities are to build a successful practice. Or you may want to offer the courses in your current workplace.

5 Reasons for training to join my team of Sunflower Effect Confidence Specialists

1. You will have a wonderful working life running the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses, helping hundreds of quiet, shy and introverted people to change their lives and prospects. They will never forget you.

2. You are your own boss – and you will be overseeing the quality of the courses you run. You are in charge of how and when you offer your courses, whether you want to work with adults, develop the courses for children or adolescents, or offer the courses in other settings.

3. You will be part of a team of Sunflower Effect confidence specialists working together to deliver magical and transformational courses, supporting each other to deliver an outstanding service changing lives.

4. Over time you can run the full complement of courses, typically 12 hours per week of contact time (plus supporting participants/admin). You will also have the option to develop your own courses, offer individual sessions and make a good income doing work you really love

5. If you join my marketing programme, you won’t have to build a website, learn complex technology, know anything about marketing and attracting clients to your work, or about what it takes to run a successful practice. I have done the donkey work and invested thousands in discovering the best way to attract and retain clients.

Why this is a unique opportunity for dramatherapists

It is my first choice to train dramatherapists because you have the depth and experience in dramatherapy to hold the space for anxious people, most of whom are terrified of doing drama. You will be able to get up and running the quickest to start delivering the courses.

It is important that you have some understanding of what it is like to be shy, self-conscious and lacking in confidence so you have direct experience of how effective drama is in building confidence.

The training is very short and will equip you with the specialised knowledge you will need to start running the courses soon after, completing the training.

After you have trained and have met the requirements for delivering the courses, you can apply to become a licensed Sunflower Effect Specialist alongside your other qualifications.

“I strongly recommend Claire Schrader’s way of working, the application of drama as healing in the best possible way.”
Prof. Sue Jennings, Dramatherapy Pioneer and Trainer Glastonbury

You will then have the opportunity to:

  • Join my team of Sunflower Effect Confidence Specialists who will become like a family to you, helping to grow, develop and thrive.
  • Offer the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses in parallel with your own practice, permanent or freelance work.
  • The option to join the Sunflower Effect Marketing Programme giving you the know-how, tools and business support to build, in time, a highly successful practice and the opportunity to market your courses on my website. (My website comes top on google in searches, and this is how I tripled my income and client base.)
  • The opportunity to train further and offer the full range of Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses.
  • Be part of the larger vision for the Sunflower Effect Confidence System, creating courses for children and teenagers.
  • Offer your own groups, workshops and individual sessions in addition to the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses..

On completing the Foundation Course, you can decide what work pattern suits you best. Whether running evening or daytime courses, targeting particular client groups and expanding the range of the courses.

You may want to offer the Sunflower Effect within the organisations you work for. Or you may want to join my team Sunflower Effect Course Leaders – and gradually build a following in your geographical area.

By joining my team at an early stage, you will have the advantage of lower fees and preferential rates, the option of ongoing marketing support and business advice to create a flourishing practice.

How are the Sunflower Effect Courses different from a Dramatherapy group?

The Sunflower Effect Courses are, first of all, courses, not therapy groups.

They are designed to get results quickly and effectively for people who would hesitate to join a dramatherapy group.

Most are 12 weeks.

I have combined dramatherapy structures with tools that really work for building confidence – including personal development tools, Keith Johnstone’s original Impro structures and mindfulness.

The main principles and strategies of the Sunflower Effect shift the mindset of people who are hampered by negative programming and psychological blocks very fast.

This is why you need the training to fully absorb these principles, the ethos of the courses and their practical application.

See this video which was recorded at the launch of my book From Wallflower to Sunflower:

Courses versus Therapy

Running courses, as opposed to therapy, makes a huge difference in the mindset of quieter people. Most feel shame that they lack confidence and that they should be “more like other people.”

Therapy implies there is something wrong with them and that they may be in for a long process. A course is much more socially acceptable and suggests they are doing something constructive to improve their lives.

In fact, there is nothing “wrong with them”. It is just that our world is not set up for quieter people. And most have adapted by withdrawing into their shell as a result of a lifetime of being bombarded with negative messages.

See this video:

Find out more about this opportunity and if it’s right for you

Next Webinar – Is the Sunflower Effect Course Leader Training right for you?

Join me in the next free webinar. This is where you can hear more about the Sunflower Effect and how it is unique in building confidence in quiet, shy and vulnerable people. .

It is designed for you if you are planning to join the Foundation Training, the Introductory Training Workshop, curious about the training, or unsure if the training is the right step for you.

Dates: July 8th 2024
Online GoogleMeet

Dates: August 8th 2024
Online GoogleMeet

Introductory Confidence Training Workshop

Prior to launching the next training in September 2024, I will be running two Introductory Confidence Training Workshops.

This will give you more idea of the differences from standard dramatherapy practice, and provide you with tools that you can start using with your existing clients.

The Introductory Training Workshop is a practical way to find out more about the Foundation Course Leader Training – and if it’s a good fit for you.

In this, you will be learning how to deliver the Introductory Evening, a powerful way of attracting participants to your work. I offer introductory evenings regularly. Between half to two-thirds of participants go on to join one of courses after attending.

This is also a great way to attract clients to your courses if you choose to go on join the Sunflower Effect Foundation Training.

This is a vital part of the training, so if you are not able to participate before the training starts, you will need to catch up on what you missed.

Please note: This workshop is the first step in your training process.

However, it does not commit you to the full Foundation Training should you decide not to take the training further.

Introductory Sunflower Effect Confidence Training Workshop in July
Dates: October 5th- 6th 2024
Times: 10-30-5.30pm approx
Cost: £250 (normal price) – discounted to £200 for a hybrid training

The workshop will take place at my house in North Greenford, with distance participants joining us on an online platform similar to Zoom.


The course will consist of:

  • 6-weekend training workshops
  • Ten recorded online training sessions (10 two hour sessions on a Monday evening)
  • Training to run the core components of the Sunflower Effect Confidence Building System.
  • Training in Business Basics for when you are ready to promote and run your courses.

The course is a foundation for training so that you can start running courses and building your practice immediately upon completing the training.

These include:

This training course is supported by:

Prof. Sue Emmy Jennings PhD, anthropologist, Dramatherapy, Playtherapy and Neuro Dramatic Play pioneer (UK and Europe), performer, and author of 30 books on dramatherapy.

Mary Smail,  Director and Trainer of the Sesame Institute, Trainer with Revision and “Psyche and Soma”.

2024-2025 Foundation Course Leader Training Dates

I will be offering the Foundation Training course to a select group of 12 professionals in 2024-25. The training will be a hybrid between in-person and distance learning to allow professionals who are unable to attend the courses in London to participate.

The course will take place at my house in North Greenford, with distance participants joining us on Zoom.

Online Sessions

Session 1: 21st October 7.30-9.30pm
Session 2: 28th October 7.30-9.30pm

Weekend Trainings

  • Weekend 1: October 4th-6th 2024, Friday evening: 7-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm
  • Weekend 1: November 1st-3rd 2024, Friday evening: 7.30-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm
  • Weekend 2: December 6th-8th or November 29th-1st Dec 2024, Friday evening: 7.30-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm
  • Weekend 3: February 7th-9th or 31st Jan – 2nd Feb 2025, Friday evening: 7.30-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm
  • Weekend 4: March 7th-9th 2025, Friday evening: 7.30-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm
  • Weekend 5: April 4th-6th 2025 Friday evening: 7.30-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm
  • Weekend 6: May 2025 TBC Friday evening: 7.30-9.30pm, Weekend 10.30-5.30pm

    Venue for the Hybrid Training:
     34 Robin Hood Way, North Greenford UB6 7QN Tubes: Perivale (Central), Sudbury Town (Piccadilly)

Plus 10 online theory training sessions (2- hour sessions on Mondays 7.30pm-9.30pm. See Information Pack for planned dates.

Designed to support you in offering the courses or setting up your practice groups


Cost:  £2500

Special Hybrid Price for second training : £2000 (You save £500)

Or pay by instalments. In paying by instalments, you commit to pay for
the whole course even if you leave the training.

Please be aware that there may be other costs i.e. supervision, shadowing (observing courses), the Sunflower Effect Marketing Programme (optional), and extra coaching as needed.

More about Claire Schrader

I started out in life as a shy introvert and proverbial wallflower.  That is until I found a way at age 22, to break out of my shell, through the power of drama. It changed my life, as it has countless quiet, shy and introverted people. I write about my journey in my book, From Wallflower to Sunflower, the quiet person’s guide to natural confidence.

I qualified as a dramatherapist in 1995, after having a previous career as a nurse, actress, playwright and drama school teacher. I have been running Making Moves for the last 22 years offering dramatherapy based personal development courses and workshops in the UK, California, Greece and Portugal. In the last eight years, I diversified into confidence-building courses developing the Sunflower Effect, and at the same time tripled my income and client base.

I now run six courses a week along with a range of other offerings: individual sessions, workshops, a weekend course, and introductory evenings. In effect, I “work” three evenings a week with the occasional weekend, plus individual sessions to fit in with my availability.

Most of my clients are office workers (some are funded by their companies). I have a wide ethnic range of people attending.  But they are also people from all walks of life who know they need to do something about their confidence levels. They are teachers, therapists, taxi-drivers, mums, unemployed etc.

Book publishing

I edited Ritual Theatre, The Power of Dramatic Ritual in Personal Development Groups and Clinical Practice published by Jessica Kingsley.

See more about the book, including talks from Sue Jennings, Debra Colkett and Thalia Valeta on my You Tube Channel.

Here’s one of the videos from the book launch.

Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy

I contributed the chapter “Breaking Through the Walls of Shyness: Overcoming Shyness, Self-Consciousness and Social Anxiety Through Dramatherapy” to the Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy.

Edited by Dr Sue Jennings and Dr  Clive Holmwoo

From Wallflower to Sunflower

wallflower to sunflower stack

About the same time, my self-help book From Wallflower to Sunflower, the quiet person’s guide to natural confidence was published.

New York Times best-selling author, Raymond Aaron, wrote the foreword. He describes the Sunflower Effect as “filling in the gaps where assertiveness training and other techniques leave off.”

You will find more about it on the book’s website. Along with bonuses and online resources to supplement the reading of the book.

You can also sign up to  download 3 chapters from the book on this website

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