Participant Story: Ten Years on

These are the words of a participant who participated in two Sunflower Effect Courses® 10 years ago. I was staggered not only by the impact that those courses had had on him but also by how eloquent he was in reflecting on his experiences.

Listen to the end – and his wonderful wise words which inspired me – and I hope will inspire you!

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10 years later

Not long ago, I found myself back in the same room almost 10 years after doing my first course with Claire: Finding Your Voice. I didn’t know it then, but it was the start of some big changes in my life. All I knew at the time was that I was terrified of public speaking, and my work had told me that I needed to work on my presentation skills. So I signed up for the first course that I could find, that just happened to be with Claire.

I remember fondly now the trepidation and the palpable nervousness as we waited for the first session to unfold. I remember the exercises that we did over the evenings and how they helped me to unfold the need to plan everything that I needed to say. I also remember Claire’s shining light and enthusiasm for getting us to reveal ourselves and the delight in those moments when we shone.

Now, after many other endeavours and adventures, I find myself as an oral storyteller. Telling folktales, fairy tales, myths and legends to children, adults and whoever will listen – a journey that I never expected. The courses that I did with Claire were the beginning of this life-long journey of learning about myself that I will always be grateful for.

Ten years later, it’s lovely to look back on where it all began, and to ponder where the next 10 years may lead.


Claire Schrader

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