Free e-book: The Self Confidence Myth

How to build a natural self confidence that comes from a  deep place within

In this 50 page  self confidence ebook, I will be showing you that it is a myth that you lack self-confidence. You will discover that there is a deep and assured self-confidence that is lying dormant within you, and is just waiting to come out.

It’s just you can’t connect with it yet in the way the way you want to.

I started out in life as the proverbial wallflower with minimal confidence until I hit upon a way to break out of my shell and acquire some of the skills that the most confident people naturally have.

I’ll be showing you how I did it and how you can do the same.

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Who is the e-book for?

This self confidence e-book is designed for you whether:

    • You’ve never felt or experienced yourself as particularly confident. Maybe like me you were shy as a child and it’s still with you in some way or you’ve always been inhibited and self-conscious or you had a tough upbringing, which you’ve never really recovered from.
    • There are certain situations where your confidence utterly deserts you e.g. speaking in front of a group, meeting new people, delivering a presentation, communicating with challenging people. You may have no idea why that is.
    • You’re confidence has been undermined due to challenging life events. This could be a relationship breakdown, a work situation, a series of “things going wrong” or events in your family or personal life. You might at some time have felt or experienced yourself as confident but now it‘s as if you never had it. (This is very common.)
    • You know you could be doing an awful lot more with your life than you are – but you’re hiding yourself away because you lack the one thing that you really need: the confidence and self-belief to achieve your goals. Maybe you’ve been told how gifted you are in a certain area, or you’ve got numerous qualifications/letters after your name– but you’re not doing anything with any of them…

confidence myth

What readers say about the e-book

I read The Confidence Myth in 3 days, and I couldn’t put it down. Claire writes with such warmth, it’s almost like she is there in the room speaking directly to you. I could relate to a lot of things which Claire mentions – about being an introvert, shy, and quiet – I think that is largely because Claire herself has been through the same journey, challenges and life experience to add depth to the book. There are so many other self-help books out there, which lack the personal aspect which this book brings.

I’ve suffered from confidence issues for a number of years, whether it’s talking in front of a large group of people, to asking for the bill in a restaurant, and even suffering from fear/self-doubt based issues in my career and relationships. After reading the book, I am even more curious to meet Claire in person, and very much looking forward to one of Claire’s confidence courses I have enrolled on. If Claire can overcome the confidence trap, I am very hopeful that many others, including myself, can achieve the same results under Claire’s guidance and support.
Bina Pathak, London

I came across your site after struggling with confidence and shyness issues for my whole life so far. I’m so frustrated that despite trying to overcome this issues, spending lots of money on coaching and various therapies over the years, I still feel like I’ve not truly broken out my shell and lived life as fully as I’d like. I’ve read your ebook and nearly cried as it resonated so much.
Sabina Nabbaz, London

Today I had free time to read your e-book and once again the content and topics you discuss is bang on for describing my experiences and thoughts/problems and was also a very interesting read as a means of reflecting on the work we did over the breakthrough weekends has opened up a whole new perspective for me now.

I also found your article success through play a very interesting read and something that strikes me as how best to move forward myself and I’ve already had some success  this week just trying to have more fun and be more playful in my conversations with colleagues and noticed immediately how much more relaxed I felt.  I have always struggled with is small talk scenarios and having things to say, I think I struggle when there is seemingly nothing going on and when I don’t have an objective to do anything as a there is nothing happening to create conversation from but just the idea of being playful and setting myself the objective of having fun with other people and trying to make them have fun with me by being a little cheeky/playful has helped me feel more relaxed/happy, interesting…
Dave Smith, Leicester

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I understand, I hate junk too. But read some of the spontaneous, unasked-for comments from readers, which is a sampling of the kind of things people write to me as a result of receiving the my newsletter and similar products.

Dear  Ms. Schrader, 
I came across your website the other day while searching for information on overcoming fears. Your compassion and enthusiasm immediately grabbed my attention. I read many of your articles and signed up for your digital book. The book has been so reassuring, insightful and beneficial, and it’s not yet over! I especially enjoyed the beaming visualisation and it’s something I am now incorporating into my daily life. Thank you so much for providing the information and opportunity for me to take a step in overcoming my fears. I can’t begin to tell you how much it’s appreciated.
Z.A. Student

In one fell swoop you have discovered me. I do feel I fit many of the descriptions outlined in the book. I feel relived at this because I had thought for many years that there must be something wrong with me as I could never quite  connect with people.
D.C. Administrative Consultant

Dear Claire, It’s such a comfort to know that since you have experienced many of the difficulties that I experience daily, you will have a naturally sympathetic and understanding attitude. Many of the psychologists I’ve seen tend to be patronising and clearly have no idea what it’s like to be shy, reserved or introverted. Many Thanks.
G.W. Nanny, Oxfordshire

Recently parts of your e-book have been coming to mind which made me want to reread it. Although I haven’t made it to one of your courses yet, I have been enjoying your articles very much. They have been inspiring me to live joyously and share my creativity more openly with others. Thank you for stirring up my passion for life!
Rasoul Kaur

The Self Confidence Myth is completely free and there are no catches.

  • It will give you a deeper understanding and insight into what is blocking you from accessing your natural self-confidence and how you can dissolve those blocks.
  • It will explain why many approaches and techniques don’t work – and what made the real difference in transforming confidence levels without needing to delve into painful life experiences.
  • The book will too provide tools, exercises and information that will put you on a track to discovering how you can claim the natural self confidence that lives within you and why the Making Moves approach is the fastest and most effective way for you to achieve goals that up to now have eluded you.

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Or find out more about my story and how I have achieved things that would simply been impossible if I hadn’t come out of my introverted hidey-hole.

And you can do the same – whether you’re seriously inhibited, feel you’re sitting on a lifetime of repressed emotion or just need a bit of a boost.

I am rooting for you all the way.