Confidence Course Leader Training

Transform lives through drama

Become a Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader 

Do you have a background in drama and have a yearning to do more rewarding work?

Are you a compassionate, supportive, enthusiastic person and understand what it’s like to be shy, self-conscious or lacking in confidence? You may already be in the helping professions.

Become a Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader, make a good income doing work that you really love whilst transforming the lives of quieter people.

Or, offer the courses within your organisation or to your existing clients – confidence is a big issue for children, teenagers and adults in all sectors of our society.

Download an information pack to learn more.

What is the Sunflower Effect?

The Sunflower Effect is a pioneering and proven confidence-building system based in dramatherapy that transforms the lifestyle and prospects of quiet, shy and socially anxious people.

How is it different from other confidence courses?

It achieves outstanding lasting results very quickly.

Unlike most confidence-building and therapy techniques such as assertiveness training, CBT, and talking therapy which classically don’t work for shy, self-conscious or socially anxious people.

Participants report life-changing results after completing the courses.

There is a growing demand for confidence-building in different parts of the UK and Ireland.

This is why I need you!

The first Sunflower Effect Foundation Training will be launching next year ( deferred due to the coronavirus pandemic). I am looking initially to train 12 professionals  (see below for details) to meet the demand for Sunflower Effect Courses in different parts of the UK.

The Foundation Training is the first stage in a longer modular training process with the option to train to deliver the full range of the Sunflower Effect confidence courses.

This is part of a wider initiative called the Sunflower Project to make the Sunflower Effect Courses available nationally, internationally and especially in developing countries.

Reasons for training to become a Sunflower Effect Confidence Specialist

  1. You will be your own boss and earn more. You will be independent, running your own practice. You can design your work to fit in around your life. You will be in charge of how and when you help people, and who you want to work with.
  2. You can change lives. You will be making an impact on lives. Helping quiet, shy and introverted people to change their futures. Whether that’s offering private courses, or offering the courses in your workplace or to your existing clients.
  3. You won’t be alone. You will learn everything you need to succeed with and have the choice to be part of a community of Sunflower Effect confidence specialists who share your values and beliefs.

BONUS: If you sign up for the marketing programme – you won’t have to build a website, learn complex technology, or know anything about marketing and attracting clients to your work.  I will teach it all to you.

I have done the donkey work, taken the risks and invested thousands of pounds in discovering the best way to attract and retain clients. The methods I will teach you have been tried, tested — and are proven to work. And they won’t break the bank.

You should apply if:

  • You have some understanding of what it is like to be shy, self-conscious and lacking in confidence.
  • You are highly motivated to help people with confidence issues. You are good at supporting others, caring, grounded and enthusiastic.
  • You operate better within a team than working on your own. You want to be part of a bigger vision that is going to make a real difference in the lives of quieter people.
  • You are a drama professional (performer, teacher) who is looking for a new direction. Dramatherapists, please click here You may be an Arts Therapist or occupational therapist with an interest in drama.
  • You are a therapist, coach, counsellor or in the helping professions and realise there is more to confidence than talking. You would like to offer the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses to your clients.
  • Or you have participated in one of my courses and have been able to say goodbye to shyness, social anxiety and any other issue that has undermined your confidence.  You feel inspired to train to support others to do the same.
  • You would like to offer the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses within your organisation.

Download an information pack to learn more.

The Sunflower Effect has changed the lives of many quiet people

Here are just some of the responses from participants:

It’s been six months since I did the course and I’m still seeing the benefits. I surprise myself sometimes as to where my confidence comes from in relating to people.
Peregine C., Health Practitioner

Excellent value for money. One, it worked, and two so many other therapies are way more expensive and haven’t worked. Making Moves are cheap for what they are.
Jan Lake, PA

By the end of the course, I could really tell I’d made a massive shift. I feel like I’m a lot more authentic and accepting of myself with less feelings of being inferior and needing to hide my true self. For me, this course truly was a lifeline.
Elizabeth G, graphic designer

I don’t often do this kind of work because I thought it would be all too precious and serious. But Claire’s work is not at all like that, I found it great fun and only just on the edge of my comfort zone. I was able to explore ways through my insecurities in a very safe and constructive group of people.
Jon, teacher

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The Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses have been featured on Sky TV, BBC World Services, Sat 7 TV, Marie Claire.


The next training will be scheduled for 2023 at the earliest. My commitment is to support the people who are currently in training to build a successful practice.

However, I welcome applications and interest from future trainees. 

I am particularly seeking people who want to offer the courses in cities around the country, particularly cities in the Midlands, North, Wales, Scotland and Ireland. This is so we have a good spread of Course Leaders in different parts of the country.

I will continue to welcome applications from people who want to offer the course within their organisation/institution/workplace.  I am very keen to see the Sunflower Effect offered in a wide range of settings, for the people who really need it.

Your first step is to find out if the training is for you. 

Please download the information pack

This will give you a better idea of how the Foundation Training works and how you might use the training after you have completed it. You will also have the option to opt-in to my newsletter so I can keep you informed of future developments.

Once you absorbed the information pack and feel you would like to take this further, please book a telephone consultation with me to explore your reason for wanting to train, and to ensure that this is the right course for you. You will have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the course.

Book a telephone consultation with Claire

The next step after this would be either to experience the approach for yourself by joining one of my courses and/or to join the next Introductory Training Workshop. See below for details.

Or get in contact through the form below

Training Enquiry

  • If you are interested in training in this approach please tell me as much as you can about yourself and what skills/aptitudes you have and where and how you see yourself practicicing.
    Please confirm that you will honour the confidentiality of participants on the call. I cannot send you the recording unless you agree to this.

About Claire Schrader

Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader Training

I started out in life as a shy introvert and proverbial wallflower.  That is until I found a way at age 22, to break out of my shell, through the power of drama.

It changed my life, and I have never looked back.

You can read about my journey in my book, From Wallflower to Sunflower, the quiet person’s guide to natural confidence.

For the last 23 years, I have been helping people through dramatherapy-based personal development courses and workshops in the UK, America and Europe. In the last 8 years, I tripled my income and client base by creating the Sunflower Effect.

My academic work includes editing Ritual Theatre, The Power of Dramatic Ritual in Personal Development Groups and Clinical Practice published by Jessica Kingsley.

You can find one of my chapter’s “Breaking Through the Walls of Shyness:  Overcoming Shyness, Self-Consciousness and Social Anxiety Through Dramatherapy” in the Routledge International Handbook of Dramatherapy.

Read more:

How does the Sunflower Effect achieve such significant shifts in people?

What is the theory behind the Sunflower Effect?

My background

Interviews with me about my approach.


This is where you can hear more about the course and how I will be supporting you to build a successful practice running the Sunflower Effect Courses.

The session will be between 60 and 90 minutes.

Dates: Enquire
Times: 7- 8.30pm approx
Venue: Online through Zoom
Cost: Free

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I recommend signing up for the Introductory Training Workshop to discover the basic framework for all Sunflower Effect Courses and help you to find out if the  Foundation Training is the right decision for you.

Please note: This workshop is the first step in your training process.

However, it does not commit you to the full 10-month Foundation Training should you decide not to take the training further.

Introductory Sunflower Effect Training Workshop.

Dates: Enquire
Times: 10-30-5.30pm approx
Venue: Helios Centre, 116 Judd Street, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9NS
Tube: Kings Cross / Russell Square / Euston
Cost: £200

More information and booking