The Sunflower Effect Success Stories

What people say about Making Moves, the Sunflower Effect and Claire Schrader

The Sunflower Effect regularly receives 5-star reviews on findcourses.co.uk

These testimonials cover a 20 year period during which Claire has been offering her courses and workshops. They also include her time in Northern California between 2007 and 2010.

This was the first-ever programme that actually brought about a change in me.

I had been suffering from social anxiety from a very young age. I had tried CBT, Anger management therapy, Hypnotherapy, Past life regression therapy and went to see many psychologists but nothing really helped me.

The change and progress I made in the  Breakthrough Group was absolutely priceless.

This was the first-ever programme that actually managed to bring about a change in me unlike every single other therapy programme that I had joined before.

The Breakthrough Group is a slow and steady process.  The important part is to stick to it and not to give up, because eventually there will a moment during the breakthrough where you will feel the change inside you and you will know that now you have the confidence to take the next step. 

In my case this was when I spoke to the group for the first time – with me actually looking up and looking people in the eyes instead of just looking down. The first time I managed to do so, I could feel a change inside me, I felt a great sense of achievement.

I can say that this was the moment I realised that I can actually change myself, all it needs is a bit of time and effort.

I have been feeling great ever since.

Stefan Baumann, student, Bradford

I didn’t think it would work for me because I have too deep shyness.

I wanted to participate to the Breakthrough Group to challenge myself and get rid of my shyness which was taking over my life.

At first, I didn’t think it would work for me because I have too deep shyness.

I really enjoyed the different exercises in the first part of the course. I was able to explore myself in the course and how the shy Joanne is with other people, how I suppress myself when I don’t express my true nature.

At the end of the first part, I was able to wake up in the morning and feel I was putting on the costume of the main character in the story and as a result I felt more confident to face the outside world.

I enjoyed being with people who have the same issues as me. I enjoyed working on the breakthrough of the others in the group, it was powerful. Watching the others do their breakthrough and participating in them helped me to understand myself a little more.

I also have stopped taking too much notice of the critical people at work, or anywhere else, who judge my shyness. Because having people judging the thing you do is like a brake, but I finally know how to avoid the sadness of being judged/criticised by people.

It may seem strange but I feel much more beautiful now, my inner voice which always used to criticize me has changed radically and this inner voice is now much more kind and nicer and has beautiful thoughts.

Joanne Vane, analyst, London

I was sceptical at first

It’s hard to sum up the benefits of the 12 week breakthrough course in a few sentences, but I really feel the course has been life-changing.

Before the course started, I was super anxious and felt uncomfortable in all aspects of my life, in my career, in my relationships and how I reacted to the world.

I was very shy and stuck in a real rut, feeling isolated, helpless and small.

By doing the course, I have experienced a real shift, I am able to enjoy life much more and I have improved my connections with friends, family, my girlfriend and my social groups.  I get so much more out of each and every day.

I was sceptical at first, but by committing myself to the programme, I have made better progress than I could have hoped for. Not only this, but I have gone through a transformative process with a group of people who were going through similar issues, which showed me that I was not alone, I was not the only one with these issues. We have all grown together, supporting each other every step of the way and I am proud to call these people friends for life.

To anyone reading this I’d say the fact you are reading this shows you want to change, and if you want to change your life while having a huge amount of fun then do sign up.

All you have to do is show up and you will make progress, I promise you. I am really looking forward to future courses with Claire!

Matthew, market research professional

I consider myself very lucky to have attended two of Claire’s courses

Prior to enrolling, I had had plenty of insecurities in regard to speaking in public; there had also been a persistent flow of self-criticism happening in my head. As a result, I would have rather stayed quiet than risking to ‘make a mistake’ and ‘fail’.

These fears and self-attacks were having a very negative effect on my professional and personal life, so at some point I felt a very strong urge to change it – and following some research, I landed on Claire Schrader’s website.

I first signed up for “Finding Your Voice” 12-weeks course – and never regretted it, as, unlike many self-help books that I had read by the time, it proved very powerful in dealing with my confidence issues.

Claire managed to create a very safe environment, where we were encouraged to experiment, leaving our usual fears behind. There was a very strong group support, too, which I think was a very important part of the course.

Following the completion of “Finding your Voice”, it became much easier for me to speak up whenever I wanted to; my “inner critics”did not completely disappear, but they became much more discreet and manageable. The persistent fear of ending up looking funny or inadequate significantly diminished – I realised there was no such thing as a “mistake” or “failure” – just another learning episode.

And the process of finding the voice was fun, too – I was always looking forward to our next session!

So, I naturally wanted to continue and signed up for the ‘Improvisation’ course- which did not disappoint either.

I think the ability to act spontaneously is a great power and a source of joy available to everyone – and I am really grateful to Claire for helping me to connect with this gift, which I have been happily using in my everyday life following the course.

I think what is particularly great about Making Move courses is that they make you do things, you would probably never do elsewhere. Things like responding to the immediacy of the situation in whatever way it feels like, or moving along with the energy flow of another person may seem easy in theory, but in practice there is not much space to practise them in our everyday life.

But the trick is that coming out of one’s comfort zone cannot happen in theory, it needs to be a real experience – and Claire’s courses will definitely make this experience happen.

Brilliant for confidence in public speaking

Excellent course to increase your confidence and manage nerves in any public speaking situation. I decided enough was enough and I wanted to get over this fear of public speaking.

I was offered a new job that would involve making presentations and chairing meetings. This is something I had always wanted to do but this hidden fear held me back. On the outside my peers would say how confident and relaxed I was but deep down I felt like a bag of nerves.

I didn’t know what to expect on this course but I was prepared to give it a go. It was brilliant!

The drama, acting and voice exercises gave me the confidence to take on new challenges at work. Claire was very supportive and encouraging. She made the classes fun and safe for me to act out the thoughts and fears that were preventing me from going forward.

As the weeks went on, I stopped being critical about myself and started giving myself lots of praise. I had some difficult situations at work and this course gave me the confidence to present myself positively and get my message across in a professional way.

I started to realise that people were interested in what I had to say and respected my views. As I moved out of my comfort zone and faced new challenges, I realised the anxiety and fears become less. I felt relaxed in situations that I used to find daunting.

I do not shy away from presentations now but feel more excited about doing them. I still have the nerves but I can manage them and feel more in control instead of them controlling me. When the course finished I didn’t slip back into old habits, I continued to move forward on my journey.

Since the course I have presented to groups of over 20 people, I have chaired meetings and have delivered an hours coaching session to a small group!

I would highly recommend this course and will be signing up for the two day workshop.

Breakthrough Group https://www.findcourses.co.uk/training/making-moves-sunflower-confidence-courses/course-reviews

Ally, Manager (Findcourses Review) about the Finding Your Voice Course

I have accomplished many things since doing the Finding Your Voice Course and an individual session.

After the course I decided to take up boxing as a sport, but started of doing it in aid of Charity. This meant testing myself both mentally and physically. I performed in a boxing ring at a venue of 1200 guests. Being at the centre of attention is not something I like.

But with some techniques I learned during the course and training, I was able to pull through and won my fight.

This year I presented to the company my boxing journey, which was in front of at least 30 people. Furthermore I have done presentations, hosted meetings, now confidently run my own projects and have taken up the oppportunity to be a business champion in diversity, meaning I will be doing a lot of speaking and even presenting to more senior members of the business including my M.D. and board members.

I am not sure how I’ve accomplished the above, but it’s been a remarkable journey so far and have you to thank for that.

Shirley Junta, Project Designer about the Finding Your Voice Course and Individual Session

Social anxiety has disappeared

 I’m glad to say my social anxiety gradually diminished, and as I got stronger I learned to put some very traumatic experiences behind me and move on.

I attended two of Claire Schrader’s courses in 2012. Finding your Voice was my first, in May 2012, followed by an Improvisation for confidence course in the Autumn. I also did a 1-2-1 session with Claire.

I literally connected with, and began discovering myself during Finding Your Voice.

I actually continued to grow in confidence even more after the group had ended.

I have accepted that I will never be a very “chatty” person, (I tend to over-think too much) but to accept myself the way that I am, and to relax and simply be.

I have found my own ways to express myself comfortably,  by sharing with others and contributing my time and energy as best I can, and I am also feeling less guilty for what I cannot accomplish.

The most important achievement for me, was to overcome trauma successfully. I also discovered that (I think) am rather good at improvising!

I highly recommend the Improv course to improve spontaneity and creativity. Such fun.

I really want to take the Finding Your Voice course again in the future, to help me see how much I have grown in confidence over the last 2 years. I have Claire to thank for this.

R. C. Personal Assistant

Easily the best decision I’ve made on my journey of self-improvement

When I joined the course, the phrase “I don’t know what to say” was all-consuming.

Speaking at work and even with friends, I was so worried about myself and saying the wrong things that I became the mouthpiece to the nightmare in my head.

The first few weeks were challenging and I gave in to my own self-consciousness a number of times, but Claire led by example, alleviating a lot of my doubts and helping me cultivate a more blasé attitude to being around people and speaking my mind.

This environment is unlike anything you will find in everyday life, and the freedom you are afforded is completely transferrable. Simply put, I give much less of a f*** now than I did 12 weeks ago, and this is infinitely more than I could have hoped for when tentatively enrolling.

The course was infinitely more than I could have hoped for when tentatively enrolling.

I would do it again without hesitation as it is easily the best decision I’ve made on my journey of self-improvement.

Colin O., legal writer, after the  “I Don’t Know What to Say” Improvisation for Social Confidence

Long term effects

Being in Breakthrough was one of the most enlivening, unique and rejuvenating experiences of my life.

I was at a point in my life where from being a confident spontaneous extrovert I had turned into a self doubting, timid shy, introvert trying hard to find the voice inside I’d lost.

Claire’s magical sessions definitely helped me a lot in giving a sort of rebirth to my inner assurance, vision and expression.

I was slowly able to untangle a number of parts of myself I’d been unable to connect with and almost lost since school… come to think of it these were sort of the same things that kept me alive and going even then.

Claire’s patient, gentle manner was lovely in coaxing and helping my inner child bloom and defeat those undermining stale beliefs that were keeping me stuck in a rut. So thank you so much.

I have only started to realise now how beneficial, truly healing, spectacular and special those days were filled with so much beauty and such amazing life-saving long-term effects.

Tanya Sinha
Tanya went on to become an online coach and moved to Nepal helping others to find confidence.

I really did get unstuck

It’s been just over a year since I finished the course and so much has happened. My life certainly stirred up when the course finished – I fell out with my best friend, finished the relationship I was in and realised that I was unhappy living in London…so finally decided last Easter to leave London and move back home to Cornwall.

As soon as I made that decision everything else has fallen into place. I am moving to the most beautiful village in Cornwall, a place of many happy childhood memories. I have decided to start my own chocolate business. I have my first wedding to do in September and my former employer wants to be my first corporate customer for chocolate gifts. And I have met the most wonderful man. He lives in the village, and is the most kind, caring, loving, supportive, creative and exciting person – and perfect for me! We complement each other well and make a great partnership. It is a totally different relationship to those I have had before, and I really believe we will be together for a long time. And I met him when I came home to tell my family about my chocolate idea.

I wanted to tell you because I truly believe that my time with you and the group changed my life in so many ways – I really did get unstuck and have turned my life around. It really does work! A huge thank you for everything Claire, you and the rest of the group helped me get there.

Lindsay Stone, entrepreneur 

Coming back to life

This is a series of letters/emails/reflections written by Thelma leading up to a video of her speaking at the book launch of 20 year experience of Making Moves Courses.

After her first course in 1997

I feel that I have been made/have become ready to participate in life
as a whole
. I have gained some heart.

I am more confident than I was as I experienced trust and recognition. It has given me so much happiness.

I do feel different especially now when it is all over. This surprised
me.  Perhaps it is the completion of the process, the sense of wholeness of the experience which is echoed by a new sense of wholeness inside myself.

After a later weekend workshop

Over the last weekend, I was taken back to the time I went on Inana’s journey with you before. It meant so much to me. It helped me revalue my life. That journey through darkness had both delicacy and deadliness, it touched my heart.

There have always been moments springing from the work you do that are beyond anything else, that justify being alive. Over the weekend I recognised that a strong healing force had swept
through me. I had been revived again. I cried with relief and sorrow for
the dead part of myself.


former teacher, now a group leader and performer

The Breakthrough Group was a great help to me in moving myself through a failure of confidence.

The developing support of the group was invaluable: we witnessed each other engaging with the personal challenges that we had embraced.

It was a serious commitment but an experience full of laughter and delight: working with spontaneity is enlivening.

Having a facilitator with a deep knowledge of groups and sensitivity to the individual gave us the security to go further than we thought we could.

(FindCourses review)

Dear Claire,

I am really grateful for your work which has given me so much, year after year.

You have offered me an experience that has nurtured me and gave me something to aim for.

From the beginning I felt your groups and your approach would unlock enjoyment of life, and so it has.

It was a place where fears were driven out. You allowed me to make mistakes, own things that I wanted to reject, be accepting of others and myself (through going the wrong way sometimes!)


Most fun and liberating experience I’ve ever come across

I did the 1-day Express Yourself Workshop as well as the Improvisation Group and can happily say that this was one of the most fun and liberating experiences that I have ever come across.

Claire is very accommodating and encouraging and this helped everyone to relax and flow. Improvisation is a fun and explorative process that brings out various facets of one’s personality.

I believe as people we are more than our perceived roles we hold in our day to day lives. Improvisation helps to bring forth hidden depths of our multi-faceted selves.

The spontaneity involved lets you free the mind and get you to a place where you can just ‘be’. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and found the whole process good fun!

Bipin, archive professional (from a FindCourses review)

Renewed Confidence

Claire Schrader’s work genuinely deserves to be called remarkable. Her insights and method of working have moved me into places I couldn’t even see, let alone go to. It left me confident that I can walk into any work situation and know whatever the outcome, it will be the right one for me.

David D-V, lawyer  about Individual Sessions

A safe way to open up and get out of my comfort zone

I had lost touch with my inner self, everything I was doing was based on superficiality and minimum interaction with other people.

The Breakthrough Group was very powerful for me and very challenging.

It has given me a great deal of confidence and allowed me to be truthful to myself, and the confidence to say how I feel – to be truthful and honest and have the courage to express that.

I wanted to get more in touch with my creativity because I had smothered my creativity – more like strangled it.

I was looking around for a way to open out, I needed to feel more engaged and to get out of my comfort zone.

The Breakthrough Group was very powerful for me and very challenging as I am a visual person and tend to work on my own.

What was very powerful was my engagement with my emotions and it was very exciting the level of synchronicity that occurred with my deeper self... that merged on the mystical  if not magical. It was most enjoyable.

I had a certain amount of resistance and there were one or two moments  when I didn’t want to come because it was challenging to me in many ways, but that in no way limited the value of it.

And a lot of that was the result of other people not being judgmental towards me. I could see my own judgments but I didn’t feel it coming from them.

The level of creativity in the group can be quite enormous,  and what can be arrived at with very simple things – a few cloths, hats and props.

It could make you laugh, make you smile.

I would absolutely recommend it. It’s very healing, a therapy in its own right.

P.R. graphic designer, London

A sense of wholeness

I took part at your one day workshop for Alternatives called “Riding the Wave to Freedom” back in March.

I got so much out of the day and felt like a very different person when I left. A sense of wholeness, aliveness, openness and power that I’ve never felt before.

I have experienced anxiety and depression for most of my life, and my anxiety was pretty much non-existent for the next few days.

Wow! I’d like to have more of this in my life.

Tazeem M, London
Since participating in this workshop Tazeem went onto to participate in a number of courses including the 6 weekend course Breaking Family Patterns

Video Testimonial

View this video in which Lela speaks about her experience of participating in a series of  Sunflower Effect Courses and Workshops – beginners and advanced – and the impact on her personal and professional life.

From an article written for the Making Moves Newsletter

When the performance was over I was on a huge high. At last after many years of searching I had played a main part. But for me it was a huge achievement.

Subsequently since the performance I have found a new inner, self confidence.

I now trust my instincts and able to make decisions in all areas of my life that come from a very deep place within. I have at last come into my power and I now feel totally a woman.

Medea in particular was an amazing part to play. I felt like a free spirit and in that role I had no doubts, no concerns and found a huge amount of self confidence which pushed me to fly and fly.

And for the first time in 29 years I had taken centre stage and knew once more the audience were looking at me. And my dream had at last became my reality!

I know if I put my mind to it I can achieve anything I want to.  I highly recommend Claire and the groups she holds.

Lela, now a healer and speaker 

Lela liberating herself as Medea

Audio Testimonial – shifting emotional blocks to success

Find out how making moves courses enabled this actor to uncover and shift the emotional blocks that were keeping his career stuck.

Listen to the remarkable turnaround in his career that have come as a result of transforming these emotional factors, and more important, the even deeper shift to his personal happiness.

Claiming my unique identity

The spirit of this work is the most powerful I have ever come across because it simply has no limits.

Making Moves courses became my saving grace, when techniques, teachings, and responsibillity were again but in a different way, alienating me from my self.

Claire´s sensitivity, compassion and innate freedom did provide the license and courage I needed to claim my unique identity – and ensure I manifest it today.

Satya Kaur, Karam Kriya Yoga Teacher

I have freed myself

Thanks for last night.  It was fantastic. 

I really believe you have helped shift something in me through the Finding Your Voice group and the shamanic work.  Thank you very much.

Before, I was literally unable to move into the centre of a circle. I would burst into tears for no reason. It was very embarrassing.

I am now on a very exciting journey where the lion in me will be roaring away! I feel like I have really freed myself from all the debris and undergrowth I was entangled in (metaphorically speaking).

Clare M. Manager, London

The fun of it!

The fun of it!! Working with eternally relevant myths, dressing up, letting go of self-imposed restrictions, rediscovering the exuberance of being a child at play without judgment or restriction.

It was all very liberating and funny and poignant. And at times, richly profound and illuminating.

Chrissie V. admin assistant, London

Being more myself

 Your courses, workshops and gentle leadership have helped me along the way, to allow myself to just be, to be more myself, or just allow myself to express whatever needed expressing.

Daniel Clarkson, London

Underground storage

I feel I have with me the living experiences of so many of the workshops and courses I have done with you. I feel I have stored them underground in some deep well within me. I am keenly aware I am now drawing on those wells as and when I need to.

Michael K, Project Manager

Unexpected Success

 I had a very strange two weeks after your workshop… with barely any time to sit down and contemplate anything!

Over that whole month so many amazing things happened

Two of my films were nominated for two different awards in the space of a week! One was showing in a festival and was nominated for the best newcomer award there and the other got to the 12 finalists in an online competition of hundreds of entries.

Over that whole month so many amazing things happened around my work that I felt it was the law of attraction working for me! Something which I was never sure I believed in before.

Afterwards I was thinking about Icarus and how happy I felt in the workshop, what great fun it was (and also scary) to lead the group in the moment.

Peter Bunzl, film-maker www.peterbunzl.com

Transforming a plaguing issue that I wasn’t able to heal with any previous healers

I feel fortunate to be able to experience Claire’s work in both individual and group venues. For me, her work to be deeply transformational and incredibly freeing and healing

In my individual session, I worked with an issue that I had processed many different ways and was still bound by for over two years. With Claire’s facilitation and guidance, I was able to explore, identify, own and integrate aspects of this plaguing issue in ways that I could not get to on my own or with any of my other previous guides/healers/modalities.

The judgement-free space which Claire held,  felt safe and comfortable enough to explore and heal these parts of my psyche. Walking away from the session, I felt empowered and joyous as if I had reclaimed a lost part of myself, and much more in control of my own energy.

Georgina K., student, California

Perfect chance to practice that change before having to attempt it in real life

There were a number of reasons which first attracted me to Making-Moves, these were; to be more confident at office parties, socials and presentations; to bring some quality and creativity back into my otherwise very work and function orientated life.

After my family moved from Edinburgh to the country as a child it had become my dream to live and work in London and have a successful career. A dream I had largely fulfilled by the time I first went to a group with Making Moves.

I had been working in London in the development industry for over a decade. However, despite this over the years I began to feel empty inside, somehow, somewhere my life missed a quality, a hearty quality.

I felt like I’d somehow subconsciously been shaped into a corporate machine and while there were many sweeties in the shop to be had, they were no-longer as appetising or nutritious as they once had been.

When I first attended a group it was just such a relief to do something which didn’t involve either a deadline, someone else’s expectations, or a particular agenda.

Soon I found the myths and stories absorbing and amazed at how drama can be created from each and every individual, with very simple props. Each role, game or creative exercise always presented either an unexpected challenge or jewel of realisation about myself, and this was not necessarily just from the roles I was playing but also from the interactions with my fellow participants.

Often the information gained would be soft and subtle even difficult to put my finger on but over time it became clear to me why or how I was blocking myself in my own life with my own learned reactions.

This provided me with an insight to then change it, and of course the Groups allowed the perfect chance to practice that change before having to attempt it in real life.

Later on Making Moves work also helped to rebuild my confidence when it had been completely floored through illness.

Tania A. town planner, London

Unlocked parts of me that had been frozen for years

Your workshops and groups were invaluable to me, the work we did helped to unlock parts of me that had been frozen for years.

I feel so happy and blessed that I was led to your work and long may you open the way for others to express themselves, it is so important.  I am never happier than when I am expressing myself and my passion.

I was able to find expression and move into places that had previously held so much fear for me.

My emotions were no longer barred off, they were out for all to see, and they were accepted and encouraged.

This helped me to move through and become more aware of a lot of issues and patterns that had been keeping me stuck.

Tahni Lamonde, now a health practitioner and blogger, London


People are now approaching me when previously they stayed away.

On the very first night of the course I got stage fright. I remember walking through the door and then walking back a couple of time. I remember Claire saying about people in America being so terrified that they stayed in their car, if I`d had had a car I would have stayed outside.

I was struggling to find voluntary work and I was becoming quite isolated. I could feel myself with drawing and getting low. Much of my life has been about hiding. I have had a deep fear of exposure and of being in the spotlight, and so it was very challenging for me to come into the group.

But soon found it was a very safe group and I very quickly felt safe. There was a lot of humour too which really helped.

What was powerful for me was coming forward and taking the opposite space from the one I usually inhabit. I`m quite a big bloke and it was really good to claim some space and find some volume in my voice. There was one point we were preparing and I got into a huddle on the floor, and I was able to explore the victim place – that was really powerful to let myself go there.

What was really great about it was how different it was from everyday life, and being with peers who are equals was special, playing together – the way we were all prepared to expose ourselves.

When I went back into my training group, I did seem to be coming forward much more, and people started coming forward towards me. I was advertising that I was open enough for people to approach me. And I`ve come out some more since then

What I enjoyed the most when I played a character who was a murderer when I drank blood. It was really good fun and highly sacrilegious – and I had this amazing feeling of letting go, I wasn`t bothered about what other people were thinking, I was really freewheeling and taking up space. That was a big shift for me.

Colin A, IT Consultant, Surrey

It has taken me to a place of Life, of living fully, enjoying life

For me this work has taken me far beyond the play and the personality.

But this is beyond my little story, this is something much, much bigger than me at work.

It has taken me to a place that is even beyond Spirituality – the container within which Spirituality arises like everything else in life.

It has taken me to a place of Life, living fully, enjoying life, enjoying being alive, enjoying my physicality, raw power, creativity, flow, being grounded as well as the pleasure of course of playing and having fun ..

Babeth Payne, Feldenkreis Practitioner, London

I felt so alive

 After the Breakthrough Process  ( part of the Breakthrough Group)
I had a real glow about me on the way home!

Every member of the group was so kind and supportive, and also so amazingly intuitive.

I felt so alive, and safe to be so, and last night, unusually, had a lovely deep sleep.

Rebecca C. Former Barrister, Kent

Claire’s work in Northern California, USA

An amazing sanctuary for self-expression

The Breakthrough Group was a remarkable experience.

I’ve participated in a lot of different courses for personal growth but this course was unique in its ability to facilitate profound change on a fundamental level.

While working with the different archetypes and myths I felt like I was simply engaging in innocent play with the other participants, laughing and having fun.… while not realizing that the process was stirring up the patterns in my subconscious that were keeping me stuck and unhappy.

It wasn’t until the end that I suddenly realized a deep change had occurred and experienced feelings of freedom, inner peace, and wholeness that had eluded me for many years.

Thank you, Claire, for this unique group. Your skillful guidance, patience, encouragement, and astute observations were instrumental in creating and facilitating this amazing sanctuary for self expression.

Ed C., Accountant, Northern California

Painfully shy

I was a painfully shy child, had a traumatic childhood and young adulthood, and was not able to be comfortable being seen or heard.

Claire’s expertise worked to dissolve a life-long handicap. I had spent over one hundred thousand dollars over twenty years of personal therapy for these trauma issues in my life, and Claire’s workshop was a more dramatic and beneficial change in my psyche than talking therapy had been.

Donna Bach, chiropractor, California

Becoming a Dancing Star

 Claire’s infamous Breakthrough Group is an incubator where eagles spread wings and take flight. I love the tenderness and the wildness of the journey.

Claire is a master DJ spinning the soul shaking sounds that break the chains around my heart. Then with her subtle and brilliant directions Claire coaxes out of me the dancing star. And suddenly I am not just a business woman or a wife, I am a heroine on an epic journey.

Olga Aura, Health Practitioner, Northern California

Getting a job – with the 2nd highest salary in a challenging job market

I was in the hunt for employment. I was ill at ease and having a lot of anger and frustration, particularly road rage.

My button would be pushed just traveling into work and I’d go from peaceful warrior into blood thirsty warrior without really knowing why. The image I had of how it felt, was of black lake and I was swimming in it.

What the Breakthrough Group did was to allow me to stir that lake up, to get to see what’s in the lake, and how those murky waters are being pushed. And then all these monsters started to reveal themselves.

There was the road rage monster and the tobacco monster – I couldn’t find a way to let go of my addiction to tobacco. This manifested itself as this huge yellow slug.

I was nauseous a lot during the work, it stirred up so much in me. But it enabled me to speak about these things and to express myself. It provided a short cut to the hidden recesses of my unconscious. It stirred them up, brought them to the surface, so that they could be freed.

A few days after the last session I got a call about a job. In fact, they called me! I’ve never had such an effortless flow for such a fantastic job in a very challenging job market. Even the guy who was interviewing me said he’s never seen a process go so quickly from first interview to job offer.

And it’s such a great job and I’m working with such great people. It is just what I wanted. It is the 2nd largest salary of my career. It will allow me the opportunity to secure a home-construction loan for my New Mexico ranch in the near future.

What helped me to get this job was stirring up the unconscious pot that can be there a lifetime and can affect us on such deep levels. I’ve done other kind of work but this had a lightning effect on my psyche and it came across during the interview. Claire is a wonderful mischief-maker and my co-workshopers were excellent join-iners.

No one else if offering anything like this. Trusting the process was key for going deep in this work!

Rob Buchiski, E Consultant, Northern California

Letter of High Recommendation

I highly recommend working with Claire and her approach, quite unlike anything I have experienced before. I have had the pleasure to attend both a weekend workshop of Claire’s, as well as a one-hour personal session. Both were extremely useful and helpful to me in my personal work.

The workshop helped me to expand my consciousness, helped me understand both myself and others better. It helped me become more connected with my heart, and the heart of others.

It also was a lot of fun.

The personal session, involved some intense visualization and dramatic acting out. It was very effective in getting me in touch with what was really going on for me at an internal level, and helped me envision other more positive ways to frame my reality. It really helped me feel lighter and less emotionally burdened. It was a great experience.

Arthur, vinter, Sonoma, California

Finding a deeper intelligence

Thanks so much for your workshop. I really got how much of a performance junky I am.

I also got that when I am in the right company and setting improvisation can become a powerful creative producer for me. It draws on a deeper intelligence from me and the group I am with.

In that room of trust that you so beautifully create, I see possibilities for me to express valuable pieces of myself that are not usually that present.

I have been sitting with the notion that I am the seventh string on my instrument, and the real delight of that has real meaning for me. A degree of humility that I am played upon by a higher power just as my guitar is played upon.

Bart T. businessman adn musician, Northern California

New Clarity over a money issue

After a Skype session.

I needed a new boiler in my 59-year-old house and was struggling with the cost of the system and the three days of upheaval to install it. 

I was spinning around in my head thinking about all the things I would rather do with the money, “Why me?”, and so forth.

I had a lot of doubt that anything would work because I had convinced myself that there was no way around this struggle. I felt rather trapped in a rigid pattern that I thought only time would lessen.

Claire opened the door to a journey that took me to archetypal help – a marvelous dragon who helped me see that the issue wasn’t the money involved, but my stubbornness around having someone else help me.

I liked how Claire was able to take me out of my left-brained cycle of repetitive thinking so I could release the tension around the situation and rejoice in a new sense of safety.

It has been a couple of months since Claire and I worked together, when more of the process kept unfolding….more stubbornness to release and I found such clarity for my path. I realized that I needed to make changes in order to honor the dragon (my passion). 

Thank you again and again, Claire! I would definitely recommend the service again for myself and others. Individual Sessions information

Judit Z. Higher Education Lecturer, Los  Angeles, USA

Longer Courses – before 2007

Discovering I can be/become anything I want to be

It’s well over a year on from my taking part in Claire’s workshops (which I did over twelve months or more) and I am still experiencing powerful shifts creatively, professionally, personally & even geographically!

The entire series of weekends was such a powerful experience for me. It was powerful because the format was so good. Two whole days devoted to the work, one every month.

This allowed for feelings and themes to develop, and for the group to come together and work better together.

My personal perception was that the experience just got more and more powerful with each weekend. I found the group all very courageous and supporting. All of them together (including yourself Claire) upheld me and taught me how to fly and soar.

This indeed was a true rite of passage experience from which I most certainly emerged changed, different, more authentic.

Through the characters, I was able to explore a lot of my fears and hidden beliefs and to challenge my assumptions about aspects of myself.

Marvelling at the amount of synchronicity I experienced in my life and continue to experience as we approached/completed each weekend.

After years of languishing in a counterproductive “I don’t know what to do with my life” mode (because I was stuck on wanting to be an actress but until then hadn’t the courage to do anything about it), I now know what I want to do  and I’m well on my way to doing it…

Through the process of finally identifying and then attracting into my life those very things I most longed for, I began to discover my greatest gifts and real life purpose, or, if you will, the work I was born to do – which for many years I had also yearned to identify and begin.

Discovering that in doing/taking part in this work I can be/become anything I want to be…as in life, and follow any strand that feels interesting and has meaning for me.

Discovering that I’m more creative than I thought I was and that I can express myself with great clarity and force, skill and beauty. Realising that I have hidden depths as do we all and that there is always more to discover.

Maria R., Editor, 2006

I have tried to change on my own for years

 When I joined the course I was angry, frustrated and very low in personal confidence.

I suppose because I knew I was not getting any recognition of the things I was good at because of the interpersonal relationships that were going on. This had been a pattern for about 10 years.

I cannot believe how different I feel now, people are warm to me, and I am relating properly and well.

I may not be perfect, but this is so much better than when I started.

I feel like a new me, I look better I can interact better, and I am happier.

It was painful and it took courage, but I believe I can go on now and achieve more, and also be happy if I don’t.

I am not getting into relationship issues over nothing, and being rude and intolerant and unhelpful.

I have tried to change on my own for years.

K.P. local government project manager, London

I’ve turned my life around

It’s been just over a year since I finished the course and so much has happened.

My life certainly stirred up when the course finished – I fell out with my best friend, finished the relationship I was in and realised that I was unhappy living in London…so finally decided last Easter to leave London move back home to Cornwall.

As soon as I made that decision everything else has fallen into place. I am moving to the most beautiful village in Cornwall, a place of many happy childhood memories. I have decided to start my own chocolate business.

I have my first wedding to do in September and my former employer want to be my first corporate customer for chocolate gifts.

And I have met the most wonderful man. He lives in the village, and is the most kind, caring, loving, supportive, creative and exciting person – and perfect for me! We complement each other well and make a great partnership.

It is a totally different relationship to those I have had before, and I really believe we will be together for a long time. And I met him when I came home to tell my family about my chocolate idea.

I wanted to tell you because I truly believe that my time with you and the group changed my life in so many ways.

I really did get unstuck and have turned my life around. It really does work! A huge thank you for everything Claire, you and the rest of the group helped me get there.

Linda J. Formerly a corporate employee now an entrepreneur

It has changed me profoundly from within

The course over time slowly assisted and transmitted its support for me, by me being able to trust others much more, feeling less nervous about revealing and showing myself in the art of real performance, i.e. LIFE and to express feelings without too many words.

The group have shown me just by being themselves in all their pain, sadness and joy that it is harder to love the world than to leave it; harder to work with the emotions of greed, desire and anger, to face them and transform them slowly into a loving power, than it is to cut them off, to deny them, and because it is harder I feel that the rewards are greater; a discipline without dogma and renunciation without contempt.

What occurred to me was that my heightened awareness of life and the ability to see through people’s facades had created a deep loneliness and isolation within me and that the group brought me back to life in many ways.

Over the years I had been outgoing, cheerful, open and expressive, but I didn’t have much respect for myself or others, my nerves were frayed, I was inflexible and too decisive without feeling. Also wary of people in general.

After experiencing nine months in the Ritual Theatre Group it has changed me profoundly from within.

The connection between the group members was stronger and more important than any doctrinal beliefs and that the truth is living intensity transmitted from person to person, a living experience, not a set of practices or philosophical positions.

The Ritual Theatre Group requires full participation and no participation at the same time.

No pressure to perform, allowing freedom to express, do anything you want really.

Karen W

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