Why the Winter Solstice is so important for introverts?

winter solstice, meditation, introvert
Winter solstice – full moon – a time of magic

The Winter Solstice is an important day for introverts

For many it is just another busy day in the run-up before Christmas, rushing around doing all the things that need to be done. Not aware how important it is – particularly if you are introvert.

Ancient Roots

The Winter Solstice is an ancient celebration. The Druid and the Celts knew this.

The Celts stayed awake all night to honour the dark time when the old sun dies (often through very bitter weather) and to watch the new sun arise on the horizon. And some still do this.

This is the sun that will carry us through to midsummer.

The new sun is a faint glimmering sun, not the full sun that arises on the horizon. Often this sun will be shrouded in cloud and not seen. Only felt as the light comes and a new day dawns.

For the Celts, this new sun brings with it the hopes and dreams of what is to come. The seeds that were planted in the ground in the autumn are already beginning to grow and take root – as our own hopes and dreams.

Can you see why this is important for Introverts?

winter solstice, meditation, introvert
Introverts love to reflect

Introverts love to reflect, to be still. To be away from the hurly-burly of socialising and crazy busyness. It is so important that we take this time at this time of year.

Many years ago, I created this winter solstice meditation because for me the winter solstice has always been an important time – a time of darkness, a time of the Imagination, and a time when we as introverts are actually “allowed” to go within and be still.

This is particularly important if you are an introvert at any time of the year. And also for those times when you’re dealing with difficult emotions and you need some time to process your feelings.

A Time of Dreaming

This is what I wrote many years ago in a blog post:

We are moving into the time of dreaming.

As each day closes we are aware of the darkness descending, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Maybe our sleep gets deeper, and our dreams become more vivid. Or we awake each morning knowing we have been somewhere in the night, scarcely remembering our dreams, we just know we’ve been somewhere deep and dark.

This is an important time so let yourself sleep and let yourself dream….

It is the time of the Winter Solstice – of the sun standing still – this is what “solstice” means. Except, of course, the sun is always still. It is just us that moves – which shows us how unreliable our perceptions are, and how mistaken we can be sometimes about the real nature of the way things are.

The Celts understood this. They honoured the dark and the moment of the “sun standing still” through their ceremonies, which often went on for several days. The Solstice is that moment of stillness – the darkest day of the year – as in the West we transition from gradually shortening days to lengthening days and shortening nights.

How often do we have the opportunity to truly standstill at the same time that the earth is doing just that?

winter solstice, meditation, introvert
The sun standing still

Facing Fear

The Druids recognised that the winter solstice is also a time when we need to face the things that we don’t want to look at.

Are noticing that a lot of fear is coming up for you? Or have you been feeling particularly angry? Have been feeling stirred up, out of sorts, dark and heavy? Maybe things have been going wrong or you can’t find things or you’re feeling stressed and depleted. Maybe you are finding yourself catapulted into depression as the days get ever shorter and the nights ever longer. So this is all part of this time of year when we let things fall apart.

As a way of meeting these challenges, take time to contemplate and be still and take refuge in the dark.


Because in truth the dark holds immense creative power.

We need the dark like we need food and water in order to restore our energies, in the same way, that animals need to hibernate. We need the dark too for emotional and spiritual regeneration.

Take some time out to go deep within

So I would like to invite you to take some time out to go deep within – and contemplate this transition between the old world and the new world that is being birthed within you.

© Claire Schrader 2019

Guided Winter Solstice Meditation

If you would like to listen to my guided winter solstice meditation… which many people have found very powerful. Just click on the arrow to listen to the meditation.

solstice meditation

The Solstice Meditation

And if you would just like the text of the meditation, you can find it on this blog post.

If you want to download to listen on your MP3 you can purchase the meditation by clicking the button below:

Please get in touch if you have an issue with downloading this product.

I hope you enjoy the meditation.

Wishing you deep journeying within and time to be still.

© Claire Schrader December 2023

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