Interviews with Claire Schrader

TV/Radio Interviews

“How to stop shyness from ruining your life” SKY TV

Chrissy B of the Chrissy B Show (Sky TV) interviews Claire Schrader and 2 Making Moves clients on a programme entitled “How to stop shyness from ruining your life”

“Why am I shy?” BBC World Service programme

In March 2019, The Sunflower Effect was featured on a Crowd Science programme called “Why am I shy?” A couple of weeks before the producer and presenter of this programme, Cathy and Dashi, joined the Finding Your Voice course to see what exactly happens. And to record anyone who was willing to be interviewed.

Why am I shy

“Self Confidence Among Women” Interview for Sat 7  Pars

Maryam Boniadi interviewed Claire Schrader for Sat 7, a middle-eastern  TV Channel on the topic of “Self Confidence Among Women”.  See Insiders Season 4 – Episode 17- 14 Jan 2020. The interview with Claire Schrader is at 29mins and 45 mins.

“Body Confidence” Love Talk Show Sky TV

Body Confidence – Love Talk Show on Sky TV

Watch on Facebook – Interview with Claire starts at 23 minutes

Online/published interviews

New Book empowering quiet people” Thrive Global (Medium)

Interview with John Grant author of 6 books on brands, innovation, sustainability, new frontiers on Claire Schrader’s book

From Wallflower To Sunflower – An interview with dramatherapist Claire Schrader on a new book that aims to empower “quiet people.”

John Grant speaking at the book launch of From Wallflower to Sunflower

Interview with Marie-Claire (Malaysia) February 16, 2017

Marie-Claire asks: Is there a reason why some women are not as confident as others?

MARIE-CLAIRE Why some women are not as confident as others?

Interviews with Rasheed Ogunlaru about topics relevant to performers

Two interviews by Rasheed Ogunlaru

See http://www.rasaru.com/

These interviews were in connection with the launch of Ritual Theatre, a textbook for therapists, coaches and theatre practitioners, edited by Claire Schrader and published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers,

Leading life coach/speaker, Rasheed Ogunlaru‘s career in singing and media, led him into coaching singers, entertainers, entrepreneurs and the public.

The Healing Power of Drama & Theatre

The healing power of drama & theatre

Real-Life Drama – is life as an actor healing or harming?

The emotional side of actors/performers and how this impacts their lives, is rarely addressed – or not until it’s too late. Claire reveals how acting can be healing or psychologically damaging.

Real-Life Drama – is life as an actor healing or harming


Interview with Angelique Tsang

Angelique Tsang, life coach.

Angleique Tang asks: “How would you work with “Cinderella” if she was to walk into one of your courses”.

Claire Schrader, professional background

Resources for therapists, coaches and holistic practitioners

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