Beginners’ confidence building for adults in Central London

Are you quiet, reserved, shy or self-conscious?
Have you been told or know that you need to be more confident? 
Are you quiet, reserved, shy or self-conscious?
Have you been told or know that you need to be more confident? 

Beginners Confidence Building for Adults Introductory Evening

In this introductory confidence building evening for adults, you’ll discover keys to an authentic confidence through a magical process – the Sunflower Effect

It also serves as an introduction to participating in any of the Sunflower Effect® confidence-building courses.

A system that I developed over a 20-year period.

It is based on my experience of being a shy introvert, and what really worked in getting me out of my shell.

Through this discovery, I achieved things in my personal and professional life I would never have thought possible.

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confidence building for adults,
Claire Schrader

“Confidence is one of the keys to achieving what you want in life. People are naturally attracted to confident people and even more so to those who exude a magic and passion for life.”

Claire Schrader, founder of the Sunflower Effect®
Beginners Confidence Building for Adults

confidence building for adults

The Sunflower Effect® uses an adapted form of drama combined with the most effective personal development tools. The Sunflower Effect® confidence-building courses have worked for countless people with confidence issues.

Even those who doubted that anything would ever work for them. See their stories.

In fact, in some cases, certain approaches can drive you even deeper into those painful memories. And it can take many years to truly put them behind you.

This is why most confidence-building techniques do not work and why so many of them only have short-term benefits.

The Introductory Evening is designed for you:

  • If you’ve tried lots of different things to build confidence but none of them has really worked 
  • You’ve given up hope that you’ll ever build the kind of confidence that you seek
  • If the thought of doing anything involving drama fills you with terror, or you’ve had bad experiences with drama in the past
  • If you find the spotlight hard,  or you would describe yourself as shy, self-conscious, socially anxious or introverted 

What happens during the evening?

The session will be run by either Claire or one of her team.

This is a practical evening that gives you taste of the Sunflower Effect®. It provides a very safe place for you to gently stretch out of your comfort zone with people who feel in the same boat as you.

It will also be an opportunity to release some of the blocks to your confidence. This is usually self-consciousness, anxiety and fear of making a mistake.

We aim to create an informal, relaxed, non-judgmental atmosphere that will quickly put you at ease, and free you of the internal pressures that normally inhibit you from expressing yourself.

You may be surprised at what you are able to achieve in just one evening.

It also serves as an introduction to participating in any of the Sunflower Effect® confidence building courses.

See this video from a Facebook Live Claire did a little while back. It will give you an idea of what to expect.

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What participants have said about the Introductory Evening

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The next week I got my dream job

I was recommended by my friend (who had a significant breakthrough as a result of going to Making Moves Courses) to go to the Express Yourself Introductory Evening.  He was so shy and reserved at university and was now super confident with a flashy job and had even moved out of his parents’ home! I had to try whatever was working for him.

The next week I was at a job interview with a corporate law firm and I felt so confident – and I was amazed I got my dream job!! I also went on to do some 1-1 sessions with Claire and improvisation workshops to follow up the good work.

Zahra Kaya, lawyer

I felt so brave afterwards that I…

I just wanted to say a big thank you for organising the Intro Evening last night. I had a really great time and felt so much better when I left. I was excited and energised – in fact I was feeling so brave I attended a drama class today! I’ve been trying to pluck up the courage to attend this drama class for around 3 years but never quite made it, but today I went and it was brilliant!

Without your class, I would never have been able to do this, so thanks to you.  I’m really looking forward to starting the full Breakthrough course in September. I can’t wait!!

Suzie Baddley, legal secretary

I came in feeling nervous and left feeling confident

The taster session yesterday was great! I came in feeling nervous and left feeling confident. Also, it was an excellent opportunity to network with others. The session helped to increase my confidence.

I’ve since had a great week and have not felt like this for ages. I’ve even been stressed from work and a lack of sleep but I still feel confident. Also, my voice is better. I’m more relaxed and calm.

Ram, IT professional

Introductory Evening Details and Booking

Date: Wednesday 3rd January 2024
Times: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Venue: Magdalen Centre, Euston, London
Tubes: Euston/Mornington Crescent (see Venue details)
Cost: £25.00

Date: Tuesday 30th January 2024
Times: 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Venue: Magdalen Centre, Euston, London
Tubes: Euston/Mornington Crescent (see Venue details)
Cost: £25.00

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Questions about the Introductory Evening

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Many people go on afterwards to join one of these courses

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confidence building for adults

Breakthrough Group

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confidence building for adults

Finding Your Voice

Terrified of speaking in front of groups (public speaking?
This course is unique in that it will actually dissolve the symptoms that cause so much stress: anxiety, panic attacks, beating heart, blushing etc.

confidence building for adults

“I Don’t Know What To Say”

Do you struggle in social situations?
Never again be stumped for something to say. This Improvisation for Social Confidence course is the most effective way I know of getting over the “I don’t know what to say” syndrome.

confidence building for adults

Express Yourself Workshop

Would you love to Express Yourself and let the real you out?
Want to play more in life – and have a whole lot more fun? In this expansive one-day workshop gradually a “new you” will begin to emerge.

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Beginners Confidence Building for Adults

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