Confidence for therapists and counsellors

Confidence for therapists and counsellors

Confidence for therapists and counsellors
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Professional Development

Confidence for therapists and counsellors is important. Many professionals attend the Sunflower Effect® courses and workshops as part of their commitment to their professional development (CPD)

…or because they are held back in their work because of self-consciousness or awkwardness presenting to groups.

…or because they are seeking a creative outlet for the stress that builds up as a result of their work with clients.

So you will find yourself in good company with others on your wavelength and who share your interests. CPD certificates are available on request.

You can be assured of complete anonymity and confidentiality.

Confidence for therapists and counsellors

I would suggest taking a look at the different courses and workshops we offer. And see what feels like a good fit. I run a number of advanced workshops for you to refine your skills.

Many professionals really struggle when it comes to working with groups. I had one lovely Art Therapist who had been booked to run a workshop. She was terrified. After doing the Finding Your Voice Course, she ran the workshop with ease. And this opened up a whole new avenue of work for her.

Another counsellor, Althea Hayton, attended one of my in-depth courses because she had been struggling with a trauma that had haunted her all her life. She believed that she was a womb twin. Healing this experience through the Sunflower Effect® enabled her to discover her life’s work and to found the Wombtwin Foundation, now an International Organisation.

Perhaps you find socialising and networking difficult. This is such an important area to advance your prospects. I used to be hopeless in this area because I was stuck in my head. The I Don’t Know What to Say course will change your life in this area. And liberate you to be totally yourself.

Want to work in a more creative way with your clients?

You may also be interested in the Confidence Course Leader Foundation Training

Confidence for therapists, counsellors and holistic practitioners
Participants at a course run by Claire for Skyros Holidays

Or set up a time to speak to us about what you want to achieve.

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Psychological underpinning for therapists and counsellors

Our mission

The Sunflower Effect Courses empower participants to believe they can create the life they want through uncovering and expressing their unique and authentic selves. See The Sunflower Manifesto

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