How to set yourself free through drama

Published in Kindred Spirit Magazine The Firebird – a metaphor for Feeling Trapped In the Russian fairytale of “The Firebird”, the Firebird is a magnificent fiery bird coveted by a tyrannical king who traps and puts it in a cage. The story uses a metaphorical language to express the inner firebird and the parts of ourselves that may have been […]

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Participant story: Developing Leadership Skills

David’s story of developing leadership skills through his participation in a twelve-week course (now the Breakthrough Confidence Group), discovering how to release the destructive power of anger into creativity. Taking the Lead In the first session, you asked us all to say what we wanted from the group. I remember saying I wanted the unexpected

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Anger as positive power

How to express your anger in empowering ways without hurting other people When were you last angry? How did it feel? Did it feel good/powerful to express your anger? Did you feel heard/understood/released? Or did you feel embarrassed by the fact that you were so angry? Or ashamed that you should have such powerful feelings?

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