Why am I Shy? BBC World Services

In March 2019 The Sunflower Effect was featured in a BBC World Services programme called “Why am I shy?”

A couple of weeks before the producer and presenter of this programme, Cathy and Dashi, joined the Finding Your Voice course to see what exactly happens. And to record anyone who was willing to be interviewed.


It was a BIG STEP  for all participants – as you can imagine. We were just five weeks into the course – but everyone was happy and up for the challenge.

Firstly Cathy and Dashi were absolutely lovely and put everyone at their ease. They openly shared their experiences of either being too shy or too quiet. As a result, several people in the group were brave enough to be interviewed.

But I was amazed, as was Cathy, later on in the session, as to how many of the group were open to being recorded doing all the challenging things we do on the course. If you were one of them you will know how it felt.

I was so proud of everyone and for what they achieved.


The programme was aired on (Friday) 8th March at 20.32. I was over the moon! But don’t expect that there’ll be more than a few minutes of us. We’re on about two-thirds of the way through. Cathy and Dashi absolutely loved the session and really got what we were doing. The first time I’ve felt that someone from the media understood.

You can listen to the whole programme here. It starts at about 19 minutes


Or you can listen to our two minutes here:

Claire Schrader

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