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*Advanced course for people with some experience of The Sunflower Effect.


Express Yourself Introductory Evening
Taster evening

A great way to get a taste of what to expect if you join the Sunflower Effect Confidence Courses.

Thurs, Sept 21st
7.30-9.30 pm


Camden Town, London

Finding Your Voice  Evening
12-week course starts

A speaking with confidence course designed for people who are anxious when speaking in groups, in meetings or in public speaking situations

Tues, Sept 26th
7.30-9.30 pm

Euston, London

Breakthrough Evening Group
12-week confidence course starts

Designed for people who experience shyness, social anxiety or self-consciousness

Wed, Sept 27th
7.30-9.30 pm

Euston, London

I Don’t Know What to Say
12-week early evening improvisation course starts 

Designed to build social confidence for people with average confidence who dry up or go blank when under pressure

Thurs, 28th Sept
6-7.30 pm

Camden Town, London

Emotional Freedom*  
12-week advanced course starts

12-week transformational course for emotional well-being. Free yourself of the destructive effects of negative emotions and learn how to express your emotions in an empowering way.

Thurs, Sept 28th
7.45-9.45 pm

Camden Town, London

Breakthrough Plus
2-weekend Intensive

If your lack of confidence is connected to difficult experiences in your past that have caused you to shut down…. then Breakthrough Plus has been proven to be the fastest and most effective way of transforming these issues.

2 weekends

1st Weekend: 
Oct 28th-29th
2nd Weekend: 
Dec 2nd-3rd

Kings Cross, London

Express Yourself Workshop
one day weekend workshop

A safe place to come out of your shell and build confidence with a supportive group of people. You will be amazed at what you can achieve in just one day.

Sunday, 12th Nov
10.30am-5.30 pm

Kings Cross, London


Speak with Charisma
12-week advanced speaking course starts

Designed for people who have overcome the worst aspects of speaking anxiety and who want to speak with presence and authority. Runs approx once per year.

Thurs, Jan 26th
6-7.30 pm

Camden Town, London

Stand Up for Yourself Course*  
12-week advanced course starts

Learn how to hold your own and win the respect of the challenging people in your life. Runs approx once per year.

May or Sept

Introductory Training Workshop

A pre-requisite and highly recommended if you intend to apply for the next Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader Foundation Training

Open to professionals with appropriate experience .


Kings Cross, London

Sunflower Effect Confidence Course Leader Foundation Training

Do you have a background in drama and understand what it’s like to be shy, self-conscious or lacking in confidence? 

Join my team of Sunflower Effect Confidence Specialists and help to transform the lives of quieter people in different parts of the UK.

Next training 2024

Kings Cross, London

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