How long does it take to build confidence

In this YouTube video, I  describe how long it takes for quiet, shy and introverted people to build confidence through the Sunflower Effect Courses®.

This is not the brash self-confidence of the over-confident. Shy and introverted people are never going to develop that kind of confidence. And most don’t want to.

It is a natural and authentic self-confidence that comes from a deep place within you. It is a quiet and assured confidence that wins the respect of others.

It is much shorter than you would think. I have many people coming to my courses who have tried practically everything else – and found the Sunflower Effect Courses® much faster and a lot cheaper than other methods.

This was the first-ever programme that actually brought about a change in me

I had been suffering from social anxiety from a very young age. I had tried CBT, Anger management therapy, hypnotherapy, past life regression therapy and went to see many psychologists but nothing really helped me.

The change and progress I made in the Breakthrough Group was absolutely priceless.

This was the first-ever programme that actually managed to bring about a change in me, unlike every single other therapy programme that I had joined before.

The Breakthrough Group is a slow and steady process.  The important part is to stick to it and not to give up, because eventually there will a moment during the breakthrough where you will feel the change inside you and you will know that now you have the confidence to take the next step. 

In my case, this was when I spoke to the group for the first time – with me actually looking up and looking people in the eyes instead of just looking down. The first time I managed to do so, I could feel a change inside me, I felt a great sense of achievement.

I can say that this was the moment I realised that I can actually change myself, all it needs is a bit of time and effort.

I have been feeling great ever since.

Stefan Baumann Student, Bradford

About the Breakthrough Group

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