Is there anything I should read before joining one of your courses?

Is there anything I should read before joining one of your courses?

People who read my book, From Wallflower to Sunflower, have a much better understanding of what to expect when they join a course. And many of my participants read the book whilst doing the course.

You can either buy a copy from Amazon or get a copy from me. I will sign it and dedicate it to you – and am always happy to sign the book you bought from Amazon.

I recommend signing up for the bonuses, which include a number of guided exercises. Participants have found these helpful after doing the course – to keep them connected with the spirit of their course experience.

When you sign up for any of my courses, you will be sent a link to download three chapters from the book. And you can of course, subscribe to my newsletter and get your three chapters that way.

Other Books

These are a number of books that I recommend to support your Sunflower Effect® journey on different aspects of confidence and self-expression. And I particularly recommend The Chimp Paradox and Quiet (if you are an introvert).

Reading a book isn’t going to solve your problems. But books are very useful in keeping you motivated whilst you’re participating in the courses or hitting a few setbacks. And some can really help you understand yourself better.

In my darkest hour, I read many self-help and personal development books to keep my spirits up. They kept me on track when I was beginning to doubt my abilities.

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