How often do you run your courses?

Most evening courses run 3 times a year on either a Tuesday, Wedensday or Thursday, i.e. Breakthrough Group, Finding Your Voice and “I Don’t Know What to Say”, Improvisation for Social Confidence.

We change the days when courses run so that people who are not able to attend on a particular day can attend on another day.

Courses usually start in January, May and Sept.

The Express Yourself Workshop runs three times a year, and this usually happens in between the start time of the 12-week courses, i.e. March, July and Nov.

Breakthrough Plus for Confidence and Self-Esteem runs twice a year, usually in the Spring and Autumn.

We also run a programme of Advanced Courses, including Speak with Charisma, Stand Up for Yourself and Emotional Freedom. There will be one advanced course during every booking period.

Please refer to the Calendar for dates when my courses are running.

Which course is right for you?

What are the timings like?

How to book for an Introductory Course

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