I have specific confidence issues to deal with

I have specific confidence issues to deal with

Yes – that is why we limit the group numbers. This helps us to address a specific confidence issue or difficulty you are having.


Keeping the participant numbers low means we can treat each person as an individual. And so that we can get to know you properly. In most of the courses, you will have support to work on an issue specific to you. Every member of the course will have the opportunity to experience this process.

This is why we ask for slightly higher levels of commitment. Each course is designed so that each participant receives an allocated amount of time in order to make the progress they are seeking.

If you have a lot of issues that are blocking your confidence, you may need to attend more than one course. Many people do this automatically because they see how much they are getting from participating and can see how much more they can achieve by doing more courses, or in some cases a series of individual sessions. 

Occasionally we may suggest that you do an individual session if you are getting stuck or hitting a “roadblock”, as this will help you to progress faster.

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