Recommended Services

Click here for John Levine’s incredible healing music whether you suffer from insomnia, depression, emotional issues (and numerous other conditions) or just are looking for some very special music for relaxation and pleasure.

See also a meditation I created: Shining Your Light using John’s music as an inspiration.

Claire Schrader has run a number of courses for Skyros holidays.

Skyros Holidays – fantastic holistic holidays on the Island of Skyros and other places, Thailand, Cuba and the Isle of Wight

Healing Stars astrologer, Pam Carruthers, runs wonderful workshops dramatising your birth chart and receiving healing guidance from the planetary archetypes. Fascinating. She also has a wonderful newsletter which I wouldn’t miss – simple, clear and inspiring.

Tanya Sinya participated in the Breakthrough Group and has now relocated to Katmandu in Nepal where she is now offering online healing coaching sessions at very reasonable rates to people all over the world. www.MysticInfusion.com


Shaktiart Simone Wilkie did this beautiful image which you will find on my website.

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