How to change your email address

To change your email address that we use to communicate with you:

We have two systems where we store your email address. 

The first is our booking system – and we ask you to sign up with the email you want us to use for regular correspondence with you and for the group emails with other participants on your course. It is best if we have just one email address for both functions as we may not remember to send to the correct email address.

All this is covered in our privacy and data protection notice.

The second system is our newsletter. You will either have signed up for this through our website or we may have added you after you have participated in one of our courses. You may be able to update your email yourself through the newsletter service. Simply scroll down to the bottom of the newsletter and follow the instruction which may be in the unsubscribe link. Then you will see your details displayed. Then you should be able to replace your old email address with your new one. From time to time we change the newsletter service we use, so this may not be possible.

If you’re having problems please get in touch. We can change your email address from our end.

Please contact my assistant on: michelle at sunflowereffect dot com or through the form on our contact page.

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