Participant Stories: How does the process work?

These inspiring stories are of particular interest to therapists, counsellors and psychological professionals. They will give you more of an idea of the way the process works in practice and the healing that can be possible. 

Overcoming abuse and betrayal

Vi’s (not her real name) inspiring story of recovery from abuse and long-term trauma. How one woman reclaimed her voice and found her freedom to speak up after years of suffering from a history of abuse which had made her a target for further abuse from employers, relationships, and members of the medical and legal profession. 

Womb Twin Survivor: Althea Hayton

Althea Hayton, womb twin survivor, her moving account of how she healed her relationship with her lost womb-twin which led to her discovering her life work.

Sadly Althea died in 2014 – she is an example of someone who used her own difficulties to bring hope and the end of suffering to thousands of people. Wombtwin.com is now an international organisation – and her work continues to grow and spread.

Overcoming trauma: breaking free of being too good

Leah (not her real name), a trainee dramatherapist’s story of recovery from being too good.

I’ve always wanted to….

How a shy woman overcame her fears and turned her dream into a reality.

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